Saturday, November 26, 2011


That about sums it up for ya!

Thanksgiving was good, lots of work but good. I spent the day before cleaning non-stop. My sis, her hubs and three kids arrived that night. The next day I cooked, and hosted all day. My sis helped me out. All 8 ranch guys were over so we had a total of 17 people in our home. It was fun!

Might I just say though that I was T I R E D when it was all over.

Back up to Tuesday: Did I mention the dentist thing? Tuesday I went to my dentist appointment because I have had pain in my tooth for months. I saw one several months ago and he said one of my tooths fillings or the tooth itself chipped. I didn't want an X-Ray while pregnant so I waited it out. Well two weeks ago while flossing I felt like I hit a nerve! I cried like a much pain. So I went in to have it filled. With out the X-Ray the dentist just did what he thought was right, which was laser remove part of my gum that grew in where it was chipped (which is what hurt so bad). While in the procedure he says he can see the nerve and I may need a root canal at some point. Oh Great. But hopefully in the meantime this take care of it. Re-assuring.

Well I get home, numbing wears off, and OH MY WORD. Pain. P A I N!!!! So bad!!! Crying, terrible pain! I was not expecting this!! I tough it out an hour or two, then take some medicine. Doesn't help. Oragel, doesn't help. I call the dentist, the assistant says, "Oh yeah, hon that was a surgical procedure. It will hurt for 3-5 days." F A N TA S T I C.
"How will I get through a natural childbirth if I can't handle this?" I moaned.

Then I said with confidence, "No. I much rather be in labor, while running a marathon, in the rain than have this excruciating pain."

Pain subsided through the night and next day. Still a little sore.

Oh and the day I went to dentist we had tornado warnings all day. Fun stuff.

I am still sick with a cold, and it won't go away!

Ok so here's what I am getting at............

Sick + Toothache + unexpected event + hosting 17 people + kids loud, playing, bickering at each other for 4 days = S T R E S S E D.

Last night and this morning the baby has not been moving much at all. I began to get worried so I called my midwife. The OB doctor on call said to come in. So I did.

I was hooked up to the monitor and baby's heart rate was good. But no movement still. So we waited about an hour, then she buzzed my tummy right by baby's ear...and OH BOY! Did he move :) He got quite the startle! Baby was perfect, all we wanted to do was make sure of that, so we headed home.

My blood pressure was 135/80 which is VERY high for me. I am usually 100-110/70. Stressed? Yes. So, rest for me for a few days with my feet up as much as possible.

Praying Baby comes soon, I am so excited & ready for him!!!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

SOOOO glad Baby is okay!! Keeping my fingers crossed for an easy delivery sooner rather than later. :-)

Adrienne said...

Thank you Heather!!! :)

Weightless said...

Try to relax as much as you can
:) No use in stressing and worrying.... it's not in our control anyways. Stay focused on the positive... I can't wait to meet baby O in Dec :)