Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In & 29 days

We are in the 20's now people....29 days until Baby's Due Date!!! Although we know DD's are just a guess anyways...

Weighed in on Monday and it read I was up another 2 pounds...that would be 4 in ONE week! But today I was back down 2 pounds so it's the regular +2 in a week I've been gaining. Still not happy with it, and I know I very well could have actually gained 4 pounds. The last 2 months of my pregnancies I gain a lot of weight. Even though I got a head start with not gaining hardly anything until 6 body knows to gain...and gain...and gain. I am OVER stressing about it. It's gonna's keeping my baby healthy...and Lord willing will come off quickly.

36 Weeks pregnant tomorrow = 26 pound total weight gain.

Pregnancy Update:
* Low blood pressure. I've been getting faint and weak here and there. Last prenatal appointment my blood pressure was 100/70. Border line low.
* Had an ultrasound last week (yay!). I really wanted one and asked for one. I told my Midwife I may be leaking fluid, so she checked vaginally but couldn't see any leaking, (also said I didn't look dilated at but ordered a ultrasound just to be sure. Fluid level was OK, but it can't go any lower. I've been staying very hydrated trying to avoid this. We don't need any reasons to induce!
*Braxton Hicks. I walked 2.5 miles on Monday {pic above of me on my walk} , and since then I've been getting BH much more often. I also walked 1.33 miles yesterday with Davey :)
* UNCOMFORTABLE. Yup that sums it up. Sleep...not much, walking=waddling. Back hurts a lot.
*More pressure down there, and I think he's dropped a little bit.

Looking ahead:
I was sad my pregnancy is almost over....not because I want to stay pregnant, but because this huge event I've been waiting and looking forward to for eventually 10 months will be suddenly over. And of course I am super excited to have my baby in my arms, kiss and smell him, I am also scared and overwhelmed as to how I will be with 3 boys 3 and under!

I had bad baby blues with both Shane and Cody. It's normal. But it's not fun. I hope having a natural birth will help some with that, also going to California soon after he's born (Lord willing!), but how about when I get home from CA? Suddenly my husband is back at work right away, I have not had much time adjusting to life as a Mom of 3, my Mom will be home, and I will be ALONE....with 2 toddlers and a newborn.

Certain things really helps the baby blues:
1. Getting enough sleep.
2. Having help
3. Setting goals, something to look forward too.

Which brings me to the point that I am already preparing for what I will be looking forward to: losing weight again, training for Country Music Half Marathon, getting Baby on good schedule, having a solid routine, ect.

Of course I will be no doubt enjoying my new baby boy, and enjoying his big brothers and daddy being all googly over him. But I know it truly helps to have a goal set. I am excited for these goals and to see the scale go down again.

Did you have the baby blues?

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Momma on the Run said...

1. Do you have fitness pal? Once the baby comes we can be friends!
2. Have you run Country Music before?!?! Since we live here we've done it twice and I LOVE it!

Adrienne said...

I see your comment!! yay!!