Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dangerous Mind

Only half of the day done on Phase One Paleo. I HATE it. No offense to anyone doing it. And Katrina if you are reading I love you but this stinks! :) lol

My mind is racing thinking dangerous thoughts such as, "I probably already ate too much fruit today, might as well give up." "Oh I had a bite of the organic super healthy gluten free bread I made yesterday, throw in the towel!" "This diet ISN'T for me!!" ect ect.

I have been sick today to my stomach AGAIN. and I haven't had gluten, eggs, or dairy at ALL. I am giving this time, if I can last a few days I am going to try my hardest. ONLY because I apparently have food allergies so I really can't do what I was doing. Hopefully this gets easier. Cause right now, this stinks.

With much complaining,

The Curvy Housewife

Monday, February 27, 2012

Whole 30 Day challenge

Eh. Where to start. I am not too excited about this, but am hopeful for health, pain free tummy, and weight loss.

Since Reece was born, (actually looking back possibly longer), I have all these random food allergies. How do I know? Well, after I would eat certain meals I would be doubled over in pain with a cramping stomach. No vomiting. Just intense pain, almost similar to gallbladder attacks (so glad those days are over).
A couple weeks ago I ate an apple and my gums swell. I took a bite of a taco w Avocado and my throat got itchy and swelling started.
So immediately I knew I needed to cut those two out, but what is giving me the stomach pain? Dairy? Yes, I'll cut out dairy. Well I've been dairy free for 3 weeks now and after certain meals (two really bad ones, included eggs for breakfast) I had the pain. So I decided to cut eggs and gluten.
Eating gluten free isn't easy. It's in alomst everything!! I got a few gluten free staples, (rice flour, almond butter, meats, almond milk, ect). I have been gluten free and egg free for 3 days now and haven't had pain. So. This brings me to the topic of the Whole 30 Challenge.

Anyone that knows me knows......1. I LOVE bread. 2. I believe in eating a well balanced diet. 3. I don't like depriving myself.

Ok so why would I do this extreme 30 day challenge? Well, I am already gluten, egg, and dairy free. Might as well go sugar free too and lose some weight! Plus my friend Katrina has been doing Paleo for over a year and her, her husband, and kids have reaped the benefits. They have lost weight, felt great, and haven't been sick since they started!!

My other friend Gem was VERY sick. The doctors did CT scans and just offered her pills. She started Paleo and did this 30 day challenge. She healed her sickness (she had intestinal problems, was in a lot of pain and was very tired all the time) and lost almost 70 pounds in 5 months. She feels so great and energetic and thankful she found what the problem was.

Ok so this is ME....I am not good at extreme diets. That's how I began binging and starting the dangerous cycle. So I am trying this out. I am not holding it against myself if I can't stick to it.
For 30 days, (or as long as I last!) I will be eating meat, veggies, fats, and some fruits.

Sayyyyy Whaaat!!!!??? That's it!? Yup pretty much. This 30 day challenge is designed to cleanse your body of the harmful things we normally eat that are in processed foods. Or in my case the things I've developed an allergy too. After 30 days you can eat more, like beans, yams, ect, after those 30 days you can maintain by eating natural unprocessed foods. Breads made by almond flour, ect. I don't know very much about it yet, but I have to change one way or the other....my body is telling me I will not thrive, or have a fulfilling life if I eat the way I have been. Poo.

I gotta go shopping tomorrow (which really stinks that we currently still have no income and I have to buy special food for me, which is expensive). I will start this challenge on Wednesday, and be weighing in weekly still.

Anyone else do Paleo?? I really need some meal ideas!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Just Happened.


Nisene Marks Half Marathon

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Aptos, CA

Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 8:00 AM


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten Tips to keeping yours & my family healthy

Disclaimer: In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM am I a pro at this. I am not a scientist or doctor, nor have I done loads of testing on my theories. :)

This list is a reminder I am trying to implement. Things I have learned from older wiser women in the 5.5 years of marriage. Things I did not know before getting married and having kids! So, here ya go. And I'd love some more if you have any!

1. Wash your hands & your little ones hands often.
This is a "duh" one, but I didn't think to wash my babies hands. Then I realized, people always touch their little hands and then the baby sticks their hands in their mouth...yuck. And toddler boys? I don't even want to KNOW what's on them...so we wash. Often.
2. Bathe and brush you and your kids teeth.
Another "duh". Germs and bacteria grow in mouths and in places we don't think of. For instance I was at Walmart, and a gross wrinkly old man with no teeth coughed all over my back! (He was behind me in line). I couldn't wait to get out of the line, burn my clothes, and scrub my body in the shower. {Just kidding about the burning clothes ;)}
How often do we get germs on us in places like our neck, clothes, hair, ect just from people coughing, sneezing, or even touching us and we never thing about it again. So, bathing on a regular basis is important. This also leads me to my next point:
3. Wash you and your family's laundry often. Don't wear a dirty item over and over again. I know with little ones laundry piles are never low...EVER. That's a joy of motherhood ;)
I always take off my infants clothes after church, put them in the laundry basket (even though it's usually not "dirty" and give him a bath. When he is in nursery, many different ladies may be holding him, and I want to make sure he is clean and his clothes and blanket he had is in the basket.
4. Wash sheets once a week. Sheets can get very dirty and dusty and we may not notice. Clean sheets is one way to prevent sickness and or allergies.
5. Keep the house clean.
For obvious reasons we should deep clean on a regular basis. Cleaning the bathrooms regularly is a big one. Just happens to be the one I hate the most!! Also mopping and vacuuming. My boys are always on the floor. We walk around with shoes on (probably shouldn't) and then they play right where we walked. And if you have a crawling baby...his/her hands are always in their mouth, than on the floor, than in their mouth, on the floor. Keeping floors mopped and vacuumed is a huge help {mop with hot water and ammonia or hot water and a little Dawn for a safe cleaner}.
6. Eat your fruits and veggies!
Fruits and veggies have tons of vitamins to help fight off sicknesses. Take a look around at people who are sick a lot with the common cold and flu. Do they eat processed junk more than fruits and veggies? Probably. It's so important for kids to have these vitamins.
7. Drink a lot of water.
Water flushes out sicknesses! We all know this.
8. Cook, clean, and live natural.
Treated foods, such as milk from a cow treated with hormones, is not healthy for you or your kids. Most grocery stores sell at least one brand of milk that is NOT from cows treated with hormones. Same as chicken.
Clean with natural cleaners to protect against harsh chemicals.
9. Re-search and try to avoid medications for every little thing. Re-search and pray about giving your child a medication he/she really "needs" based off what the doctor says. Maybe there is a natural alternative. An example: re-accruing headaches, try the Chiropractor or a massage first. {I am not saying not to listen to your doctor, I am only suggesting we as parents know what we are giving our children and if it's necessary).
10. EXERCISE!!!! A healthy diet and regular exercise is so important to our health!! I could go on and on about all the benefits of exercise. I'll give you just a few: stress release, lower blood pressure, healthier weight, relieves depression, better nights sleep, a happy & calm disposition, lower risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and so much more!

Again, this list is for me and I need to work on several of these. Although I have read many studies on these subjects I didn't list any "sources" to back them up, so I suggest you look them up to see for your self! :)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


You know how my husband calls me a maniac because I get on these manias? Yeah well that's where I've been all week.
Once I realize something is a great idea and I'm passionate about it... it consumes me until I feel like I have control over it. This happens with losing weight & racing.
Right now it's my photography. Something clicked a couple weeks ago and I realized...I want to focus on newborn and baby photography! I LOVE everything babies, birth, and bellies. You know this about me.
So.....I've spent all week making a "studio" in my house, buying cheap props, making cheap props, doing a photo shoot, then downloading free trial of Photoshop and totally frying my brain trying to figure it out. This photo took me a good few hours.....

All while still managing a household and keeping 3 kids alive. Fewww.

The Lord is REALLY blessing. I have already had one paying photo shoot the above baby girl :)
I have one tomorrow and two in Morgan Hill this weekend (my sister in law had her baby! We are going to see her and I am doing her photos on Friday for free of course). I am charging very cheap right now, I need to build my portfolio. There is still so much to do: change my website from weddings to babies (I will still do weddings but that will be later). Get a logo, and most importantly O R G A N I Z E.

Since my mind has been so busy, I have not put losing weight as a priority this week. Honestly I don't even want to eat I am so busy, so I through whatever is fast together. I need to be organized! A time to edit, a time to clean, a time to play with my boys, a time to cook and prepare healthy food and a time to exercise! This I am working on...

Weigh In, well I was the same as last week. Which is ok I guess, at least I didn't gain. Next week.....weight loss is TOP priority. I am going to make good decisions while out of town this weekend...I WILL.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weigh In

Lost 3.5 pounds!! (well really 4 but I won't get technical.) :) whoo hoo!!! I weighed in on Monday because that was Shane's birthday (can't believe my baby turned 4!) and I knew I was going out to dinner and having cake!

I'll confess, the last couple days the left over cake and treats are taunting me!! I am trying to be strong...trying...I just may through it all away. Outside so I can't get it out of the trash...not that I've ever done that.....but you know...it could happen.

Shane's birthday also marked one year since my half marathon, and that was my last race I did! I started running a little bit this week too...slowly but walk/running. Feels great, these legs need to be moved!

Hope you like the pics of my boys. Had some fun shooting them this morning. I'm getting back into my photography now that I have the time. I made a little studio and got out my props. Should be fun photographing other babies too.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So Kendra got me totally hooked on Pinterest. At first, I thought, "How lame is this?" until I realized I can have hundreds of organized lists of things I dream of. So, like all other women in America, I got hooked.

I got this recipe for homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer off Pinterest. It was great! Only 3 ingredients, easy, cheaper and healthier. I'll admit it...I LOVE my morning coffee. So this will take some getting use to.
I used Non-Dairy creamer because, I may be lactose intolerant! Boo to that. My tummy has been hurting after some of my meals lately so I figured I needed to do an elimination diet to see what it is. Been with out dairy for going on three days now and so far no tummy aches. Miss my dairy though. :(

I have been doing good on my calories. A few friends told me not to cut too many or my milk supply can go down so I am eat between 1700-1800. Hope I still lose!

Someone is having a birthday in a couple days......we are creating a present for him. I'll share soon.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Commitment is something it takes to get to your goal weight. Obviously no one can lose the weight for you. YOU, ME, WE have to commit to it.


I am so good at excuses. Last night I had a few of my own of why I shouldn't start today....

I'm not ready.
Shane's birthday is in a week.
We don't have money to buy healthy food.
I have too many more important things on my mind.
I don't have a gym pass.
I am sick.

And while those are all true, I am here to say too bad!! I am doing it. No Excuses.

I will be logging all my food into myfitnesspal. I will do my best to stick to eating 1,370 calories a day. I will be exercising when I can. I won't weigh myself until Wednesday mornings. I WON'T throw in the towel when I eat something I shouldn't have.

This is a FRESH START. Really it's a fresh resuming back onto my journey, and although yes I am now only down 30 pounds from where I started in 2010, and I have 70 to go till my goal, I am committing to it. I CAN. I WILL. I AM. DOING IT.

I am claiming this verse, "He will fulfill the desires of them that fear him: he will also hear their cry and will save them." Ps 145:19

Love, The Curvy Housewife