Monday, April 9, 2012



That is a BIG word. Wow. With commitment I could get a lot done!! Other than being a wife and mom, me committing to something is VERY difficult. I hate to go back on my word or to not follow through with something. So I don't commit to begin with.

Since I have been losing .4 - 1 lb a week for the last month, I frustratingly wanted to figure out why. I read/heard/ or came up with several reasons: 1. you aren't eating enough since you are breastfeeding 2. you are eating too much 3. muscle weighs more than fat 4. just a bad week... ect.

You all KNOW I love My Fitness Pal. I am a hardcore advocate for it. It works. In fact, counting calories and Weight Watchers have been the only success I've ever had!!!

Since I am breastfeeding and do not plan on quitting that any time soon, I needed to come up with something that is bfing friendly, where I can see success. I've been thinking, praying and pondering this since weigh in on Friday. Luckily my hubby said he supports me in what ever I want to do, as long as I'm COMMITTED.

I was/am committed to My Fitness Pal. I was doing really well with tracking and staying with in my calories. And in NO WAY is it My Fitness Pal's fault the scale wasn't moving.
My friend suggested I try the Zig Zag diet (staggering your caloric intake so you are not eating the same amount every day). I think it does work, it makes since, especially when you hit a plateau. I may try it one day.

Sadly the last four days have reaped a hard consequence. I am up 4 pounds. O. M. Goodness. That's basically a months of hard work. Hoping it goes away soon.. you know bloat and what not. {I wish}.

So I've decided to COMMIT to something. Something I know works, that is Breastfeeding friendly, that has a great supportive community, that has a reputation for success. WEIGHT WATCHERS. Kelly and I have been at this at the same time for a while and she is currently doing AMAZING. She's been doing WW the whole time.
So, I paid for a monthly pass and got the second month free. Last time I did WW I was the exact starting weight I am now, and I lost 14 pounds, and it's what got me into Onderland. Some ridiculously annoying name for a number we all want to see on the scale..somewhere I want to be again. 9 pounds to go for me until I see that number.

I'm all in. I am committed. I will keep going, even if it is only a pound a week. I am already in the grove of it since I was doing My Fitness Pal. Which by the way I will still do to track my progress and workouts. I'm anxious, a little frustrated that I have to re-learn everything, nervous it won't work, but mostly EXCITED. My weigh in's will be Saturday's now since I can only for sure go to the 7:30 am meetings.

Stay tuned for some kick butt.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Tricia said...

looking forward to following your COMMITTED journey

Adrienne said...

Awe thank you :)

Adrienne said...
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Kimberlynn said...

Me too!!!! Go read my post on it. I've been back for almost three weeks and have never been so happy! Why in the world did I ever leave?!?

I'm so glad you're back!!!

Kelly said...

Aww, you're so sweet! Thank you for the shout out! :-) I am so glad to hear you are back to WW, and I can't wait to hear about your success!

Liz is getting back to her fighting weight said...

WW is a great program! You will do well!

Valerie (seattlerunnergirl) said...

I'm so behind. But just wanted to say that .4-1 pound/week is NOT failing and I don't know why you don't feel FANTASTIC to be doing so well. Girl, your body's #1 job right now is breastfeeding. Be REALLY careful not to jeopardize that. And be happy for how great you are doing!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

I breastfed all of my children - extended breastfeeding. During breastfeeding I could not get the weight off. Everything I tried ended up messing with my supply so I just stopped trying to lose weight while breastfeeding. Now, Ill keep Weight watchers in mind and recommend it to other mamas in similar situations.