Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weigh In 4/28/12

Last week 206.8
This week 203.9

Ever have scale dilemmas?? Well, my Weight Watchers meeting is at 7:30 AM Saturday mornings.  I went to bed at 12:30 AM. I slept through my alarm!!

I woke up, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and headed to the meeting. I was really bummed because I couldn't get Reece to nurse well before I left, and I was in a hurry. He's been sleeping through the night...need I say more?? Definitely had several ounces in there.
When I got on the scale at WW it read, 205.6. Down 1.2 from last week. I was ok with that. Not thrilled since I was really good and worked hard this week. But I accepted it.

I decided to WI when I got home after I fed Reece just to see.  I usually ALWAYS count my home scale since I never want any confusion, but since I re-joined WW I wanted to go by their scale. 
After I fed him I was shocked to see 203.9.  Wow! That's the lowest I've been since having Reece!! Whoot! That also brings me to a total of 40.1 lbs lost since July 2009. Since I've always been using my scale, I know I really have lost this weight.  But my dilemma is, do I keep weighing in at my house after WW or should I just weigh at WW and use their scale?? I mean if there is a .5-1 pound difference than next week when I weigh there and it if it says 203.0 that's 2 pounds according to them! But only .9 according to my scale...ya know?? What should I do??

Kimberlynn and I have become accountability partners. It's really helping! We spoke last night on the phone and it was great. :) We were talking about how freeing it is to not weigh every day. Honestly I want to weigh in one time a week on one I suppose I should hope Reece eats before I leave for WI than count WW scale right?? But if I did that today than I wouldn't be as motivated as I am now. Know what I mean?? Ugh I hate the scale.
D I L E M M A.

Anyways. The meeting was really motivating today. One lady there had lost 48 pounds! Another hit -70 this morning and spoke about it a little bit. I really like what someone said today....

So I made peace with the 1.2 pounds. Although I was REALLY hoping to get below where I was on Easter Weekend.  {According to my scale I did, see how this is confusing?} 
I'm thrilled to lose 2.9 pounds or 1.2 pounds. Either way I lost. 

I am changing.  I really am.  I am getting full faster. My cravings have changed a lot. I want results. 

Here's to a good week for all of us.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kelly said...

You know what, Adrienne? My home scale always shows about a 1 pound difference from the WW scale. As in my home scale will be about a pound less than WW. So I get confused too, but I ALWAYS count the WW number. A loss is a loss, you did great - and even though you think this is a "disappointing" loss, it will add up in the long run! I promise!

Kimberlynn said...

I would let the WW scale be the official weight, but I wouldn't discount your home scale all together. You've lost and that's the important thing!

I'm so glad we've teamed up and are being accountable! I'm looking forward to another great week.

We can do this!!!

Christi said...

You are doing fabulous!

Jamie said...

You are doing great!! I went through the same thing back in Feb when I got a digital scale and took both #'s for a few weeks and then finally just bit the bullet and recalculated my numbers to match the higher scale. So I may have actually lost an extra pound or two but in the end I am loosing so that's what matters the most.

Staci's Slimdown said...

I keep WW as my "official" weight, but I always weigh on my scale, too, because it feels good to see the #'s change on my scale's end, too. Hope that makes sense. But when I say how much I've lost, I only use the WW #'s because something has to be the final say, yanno?