Friday, January 4, 2013

Nourishing Meals

 I am going to start posting some of the recipes I've come up with that are gluten & sugar free (some sugar free recipes still have organic fruit & honey). Also I am going to be doing a tab & posts on "Nourishing Meals".  (I am still learning & I want to record everything I learn!) Traditional/ancestral food is something I am really learning about and things are clicking! For those of you that aren't familiar with Paleo, Weston A. Price, or "traditional/ancestral" diets, they are going back to the way people ate 100+ years ago. Paleo or "primal" eating is based on hunter gatherer diets of "cavemen".  (I am a bible believing Christian and I don't believe in evolution, I believe we were created by the Creator God. I refer to Native Americans & primitive cultures rather than "cavemen".) I also believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God put Adam and Eve in the Garden and gave them everything they needed for health.

Weston A. Price was a Dentist (DDS) in the 1930's that was extremely concerned about all the dental caries he saw people were plagued with.  His child died of a side effect from an infected root canal, & he decided to travel all across the country learning from primitive cultures, studying their health and their native foods.  He found that every cultures diet varied, but all had one thing in common. No refined, processed foods.  He also ruled out that it wasn't genetic because he followed healthy, robust groups of people to modernized areas with processed modern food and found the same thing every time: degenerative diseases, including extreme tooth decay.  The children born to the parents that had moved from their native land had smaller heads, narrow jaws and dental arches, and crooked teeth.  His book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" is truly amazing. It's loaded with pictures.  He gives the cure for tooth decay and all his studies he did, including children in the US with dozens of cavities. Dr. Price was the founder of the American Dental Association (ADA) and a genius in nutrition. Sadly today, the ADA doesn't credit any of his studies, and they don't teach anything Dr. Price discovered.  First recipe I want to share is a Berry Green was sooo yum!
1 Cup Organic Milk
1 Cup Frozen organic Raspberries
1 cup spinach
2 ice cubes
1 tbsp honey
1/2 a banana- Blend & serve.
Reece & Cody loved it. Shane is very picky about texture...sigh.

 The second is a homemade Bone Broth Chicken Veggie Soup.  Dr. Price found that bone broths daily prevent and heal cavities.  This was really new to me. My mom use to give me chicken broth when I was sick (I had stomach issues a lot as a child).  I never knew why...I thought because it was warm and soothing.  Truth is bone broths (homemade not canned!)  are very nourishing!

I cooked and served 10 organic free range chicken bones the night before.
Of the ones the chicken was gone I stewed the chicken bones for about 16 hours (bring to a boil then simmer all night) with onions, celery, carrots, salt and pepper.
After 16 hours on simmer I strained it into a big container, then poured it back into the pot, added new carrots, celery, onion, skinned and chopped yams, and cut the chicken off the bones that we didn't eat and added those.
 I also threw in some spinach for extra minerals, Pink Himalayan salt and Thyme. Cooked it for another hour or so then served! It was very very good.  You can see how it's kinda foggy? I read the more foggy the more nutrient dense.  I hope that's true! It's easy and a great way to get our veggies in.  Reece had two bowls lol!
PS, I'M REALLY CONSIDERING CHANGING MY BLOG NAME....TO "THE NOURISHING MAMA". WHAT DO YOU THINK? One reason is because, if you google "curvy housewife, my blog will come up, then, some not so good links & sites......LOL blah! Help!


Tiffany Glenn said...

I love your blog name! Well I mainly like the "chronicles of" part" so I guess "Chronicles of the Nourishing Mama" would work. ;) That smoothie looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Tell me more about the bones. Do you get them from just deboning a chicken? Do you debone raw or free cooking? Leg bones only? Thanks!

Adrienne said...

I use chicken leg bones, organic free range..I cook them, we eat the chicken then I stew the bones in water over night. I buy the package of drumsticks from Trader joes. YOu can use a whole chicken if you want. :)