Monday, April 22, 2013

Back at it

Time to start working out again, and watching my food intake! These last couple weeks I've been eating what ever I want {including fast food!} & I've gained back 5 of the pounds I lost while super sick.
It's really a big issue for me...because we don't have a lot if money, & my husband gets upset when I buy fast food. So not only am I eating crud, I'm doing what he asked me not too. :-( 13 weeks pregnant and suddenly no self control! Ugh.

So bad at sticking to schedules. Even ye thought of them makes me depressed LOL
But I know I'd benefit from them if I could just stick to it. I made a schedule and planned that Monday's, Thursdays, and Fridays I'd take the boys to the park to ride their bikes and I'd walk.

I actually made myself leave at 10am this morning! That's a big deal for me.
I tried to sleep on the couch this morning while the boys watched a cartoon, but did you know it's like impossible to sleep with 3 little boys ages 1-5 in the same room?

I feel much better though for walking..even though it took us an hour to do a mile LOL
We are teaching Shane how to ride his bike with out training wheels, and he got it right away! But he falls often and needs help getting going again..
We also played at the park for a bit during that hour.

I told Shane if he didn't quit even though he kept falling, I'd get him a pizza and soda {his favorite!!}. He didn't quit! He was determined. Proud of him. He rode the whole mile. So I bought a $5 pizza and bad I know! That's it though!! NO MORE FAST FOOD!!!!!

I feel cruddy when I eat all kinds if junk. My teeth are really bothering me again, TMJ is flared up, I'm lethargic, and I know the gluten is having its toll. Need to cut back.
Pic from today :)

Praying for you Staci! Xo

Love The Curvy Housewife


The Skinny on Staci said...

Hey, how'd you know I'd be reading??? :) Thanks, girl! Hopefully you will feel better and better in the next few weeks and feel more like cooking for yourself. I know being pg with multiple kids at home it is SO EASY to just run through a drive-thru. Life gets crazy hectic. You need to take care of you, though. :)

LifeAsAConvert said...

I had horrible morning sickness when pregnant with all of my kiddos and eating good just didnt happen. Dont beat yourself up too bad for it, but try to have a lot of healthy, fast stuff on hand.