Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hot Pregnant Months

Gah. I have never gone through the very end of a pregnancy in the extreme desert heat.  I am almost 22 weeks so the rest of the pregnancy, except the last few weeks, will be hot. Hot. HOT. I wanted/want to get a season pass to our water park here so we can go cool off and aren't inside all the time, but I haven't yet.  But I DID buy, or borrow (from the Library) a bunch of books and here is my summer plan.


Go to the Y 2-3 days a week. (This is all I can commit too...going anywhere with three boys and pregnant is hard work these days).

Work on my book. (Set a schedule, so far I have yet to stick with it. Gr I hate somethings about myself.)

And READ. I want to finish these books by September 21.  The Jane Austen one has 4 books in one and I just want to read one. This one I'm scared of. 

I recently read that Nicholas Sparks (wrote The Notebook, Safe Haven, Lucky One, Dear John, ect) reads at least 100 books a year!!!! Whoa.  If you want to write you gotta read.

I finished Divergent last night.  Then started reading Harry Potter (not pictured) because *gasp* I've never read them or even seen the movies! {Fantasy is not my thing}. I got it from the Library just to see how J.K Rowling writes and I got sucked into the book.  Might as well finish it too.

I'm also reading Writing Fiction For Dummies. At least 10 pages a day. It's super helpful. 

Why*** are you getting all into reading and writing all the sudden you ask?? Well, it could be just another Mania. Or to pass time as I wait for baby boy #4 to cook. Or maybe I really found my niche. I love writing my blog and have been for 3.5 years, and I LOVE to read and am always reading a good book.  And I love the fact that this is something I could do from home, all on my own, it's in my control.  NOT that getting published will be in my control. But the work part is. And no I didn't study English. I went to public school and can barely spell. (Thank God for spell check).

My photography which I still love and do is up to others. I have work sometimes when people call. Other times I don't.  It's really up to other people.  This is up to how hard I work, how much I study, how much I read, it's all up to me.  Just like half marathon training.  I like not having to make sure my boys have a babysitter, or I have clients, or ________.

DON'T get me wrong I am passionate about photography and am still doing it.  But coming up with a book: a fiction plot, planning, brainstorming it, it's all super exciting.

On weight: OYI
I am retaining water like a camel and I know it's showing on the scale. Some days I've gained 13 some 15. Blah. 18 more least everyone keeps telling me I look great and that I look like I've lost weight.  I really appreciate it since I feel like a whale and have the energy of a llama.

Davey and Shane went camping yesterday with the men and boys from church. Miss them tons.  No cell service up there is driving me bonkers.  Shane was so excited and thought there was treasure up there (I've been reading to them the Magic Tree House books).  I got a box and filled it with gold candy so Davey could hide it. I also got him a map and rolled it up for him (it has been worn and torn from my car so it was perfect!) he was so excited to go on a treasure hunt. ;)

Reece, Cody and I got very antsy around 4, so we headed out. I debated Target or Walmart. Chose Target because it's safer. SO glad I did.  A lady at Walmart in the parking lot in DAYLIGHT with two kids was approached by two guys, one with a bat, one with a knife to rob her. Apparently she had a knife too and stabbed one of the guys...Oh.My.Soul. Yes that was the Walmart a mile from my house.  Scary scary.

What is on your reading list??


Lauryn's Loosin It said...

oh girl I feel for you. My mama had my nine pound brother at the END of august, aug 29th. So Im sure you are going to have loads of hot sweaty fun like she did LOL. But thank God for a/c right?! :) How is harry potter? Never read it either. I loved hunger games though. Devoured those books. I like Elin Hildebrand for summer reads, I just read the love season which was good but kinda had a weird ending. I don't really recommend it. Not sure what I will read next but if its good ill let ya know :)

Lauryn Roth said...

sorry I just posted that in my old login!!

The Skinny on Staci said...

I love to read and get lost in a book and really canNOT put it down. So I tend not to read much anymore because it disrupts my life! LOL But before I had kids and could read from cover to cover, my favorite author was Janette Oke. They are Christian romance novels set in Canada in old times and I love them. My first pregnancy ended in mid-September. Ugh.

Becca said...

Love to read! Ha. I use Goodreads to keep track of all the books i read... This year only 38 out of my goal of 100... We'll see if I get there! Also, the blog the Modern Mrs. Darcy has a great summer reading list!