Monday, July 22, 2013

26 weeks Pregnant & trip update

We made it back late last night.  Our trip and meeting didn't go exactly as planned, but it was good.  We are now actively looking for a church to work at where my husband can build a Sunday School class and do more ministry instead of maintenance and construction like he's doing now.  Our Pastor has counseled us that after that they will send us to start the church!! It's all very exciting, and we are anxious to just do it already, but we know this will be very helpful to us!  We are praying specifically for a church in California to hire us. 

We enjoyed spending time at Davey's grandparents, who live across the street from my in-laws.  They gave us a huge bag of oranges, plums, peaches, carrots and squash from their garden.  It was lovely.  Reece ate a plum, peach, orange and a carrot while there! LOL.  Cody and Shane went to the rodeo with my Mom and step Dad, and they had such a fun time! They got to ride a mechanical bull, and they each won a potato sack race!!!!

It was a great weekend.  OH and I had a huge my farmers market thursday, I found a vendor of grass fed beef! California raised AND he had bones/bone marrow for broth!!!!!!! I was so stocked! I was going to drive to 45 mins to get bones! 

I'm 26 weeks now and this baby boy is squirming all over!!! LOVE it! I've been eating a lot of oranges and eggs to strengthen my water bag so it won't break first in labor!  Also taking Mother to Be prenatals and Bioflavinoids.

Ok lots to do gotta skidadle.  xo


Lauryn Roth said...

glad u had a great trip!! those fresh veggies sound delicious!!

The Skinny on Staci said...

Exciting and nerve wracking!!! I know! Lol What cute pics!!!