Friday, January 31, 2014

A new chapter...

A new chapter in our life is starting.  It's extremely bittersweet.  It's a step I've been praying for.  Been dreaming about.  And now it's happening. 

In 6 weeks we are moving to the Central Coast of California.  I am a mess of emotions.  I LOVE our church here.  It's the best ever.  And our friends.  And Shane's school.  I love our little house that we've made home. 

But all along for these two years I've known, this house isn't our last.  I had a feeling God wanted us to do something big.  I was totally okay and happy with the thought of us staying here in this city, at our church, and the great school for our boys.  But I just kinda have a feeling He wants us to do something big for Him :) We were open to staying here, moving to our home town, being in the ministry, or my husband working a secular job.  BUT, We've been praying about starting a church in the Central Coast for a couple years now.  We aren't ready to do that just yet, but it's so neat to see God leading us to the area in which we prayed to live! My husband will be working at a church up there.  It's a great church and a great school, and I'm just SO SO thankful they would have us to come!!! A good school was top of our prayer list.  That's our boy's future. 

Moving is always emotional.  Making new friends, getting settled, a new area to learn.  Did I mention it's ALWAYS been my dream to live by the beach?? God is so good!!!! Really, I feel like a giant hug was given to me :)

It's been my dream as a Mom, to get settled somewhere.  To buy a home.  To live there the rest of our lives.   And although that is still a few years off, I dream of buying a home.  I want to buy a house, and live there forever.  I want my kids to bring their kids to our house.  I want them to sleep in their old rooms.  There is just something special about a warm familiarity of going home for a visit.  I am so glad to be moving to the area in which I really think we will stay, and be PLANTED there.

I am so thankful to God for answering our prayers.  I dream God will use us there, and that one day we can own our own home on a small peice of land (it's super expensive there I know but God can do anything), so we can own a milking cow (go ahead and laugh, lol, I WANT lots of raw milk for my 4 growing boys!!!), lots of fruit trees, a big garden, and some chickens for fresh cage free eggs.  I dream of a big tree in the back yard with a swing on it.  I can get real specific with my prayer requests for a house, lol, but I won't list them all ;-)  I don't desire to be rich, or to own a fancy car.  I desire our own home, with all the above!

Hey boys eat A LOT, and it's expensive to feed them this stuff.  But I want and dream of the best for them.  :)

So that's our big news. 

PS. I want to lose 10 lbs by the time we move.  I am FOCUSED. With His help.  I can do it. 


Staci Moize said...

I am now trying to envision chickens and cows getting loose and running on the sandy beach. LOL :) I can imagine all the emotions you are feeling. Exciting but nerve wracking!!!!

Lisa said...

How exciting! Sending good thoughts your way!