Saturday, January 11, 2014

That was scary.

Thursday was a scary day. My husband has been getting regular migraines for about a year, like once a week. Thursday he had to stay home from work and was in bed all day. 

He's seen two doctors for them, the preventative and the pain meds don't work. The doctor said if they persist he will see a neurologist. Of course that scares the daylights out if me!! 

He was so bad I ended up taking him to urgent care. He got a shot in the rear for pain and felt better Praise Jesus! I am taking him to a natural doctor today and Wednesday he will see his doctor again for referral to neurologist. 

He's officially off gluten and sugar. And processed foods. This just got real. I'm determined to make a real food plan that fits with in our budget. 

I believe the migraines are triggered by stress, weather, diet, and lack of sleep. But the thought of  something serious terrifies me. Having to rule out a tumor or something is so scary. Prayers are appreciated. God is good. I believe he is using this as another wake up call to get our eating right. 

I haven't weighed in, but I have been logging In to My Fitness Pal every day! And Wednesday I ate no gluten and less than 60 grams (46!) of sugar. That was tough lol. I'm making little goals an sticking to them and it feels good. Will weigh In ASAP! 

Got to run. Sorry for typos :-) 

Love, Me

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Staci Moize said...

How stressful. :( I stopped and prayed the other night right then when I saw it on fb. You are going to find your groove and do this. Give yourself some grace. It's hard throwing a fourth kid into the mix. You had to get used to it. Round about now, you're probably getting a semi-routine going. Now you can focus on doing good again. You are a new mama and life gets hectic when life has to stop for a breastfeeding sometimes! Lol (((hugs))) Wake-up calls can def be a good thing.