Monday, February 24, 2014

Walking it out.

So far since weigh in I've walked Saturday, Sunday and today. 
Very happy about this. The weather has been beautiful. 

Saturday I was still a little too lenient with myself & food. But I'm working on it. Oh! 
So my juicer broke again!!!! Same break. I took the last one back to Target and exchanged it for another one. It's been a year, so I knew they wouldn't take it back. I didnt have the recipt or box. And of course!! They don't carry it anymore. 

I prayed before I went. He heard :) Thank God the manager was cool. She scanned something similar and gave me a gift card for $65. So I got this! It was the last day to get a $10 gift card when purchasing it, so I got it for $30. :) 
Still working on recipes. Glad to drink my veggies. So bad at eating them. 

We are moving in 19 days. I haven't started packing yet. Smh. I'm such a procrastinator.  

Here are my walking pics for proof! 
Saturday: 43 mins. Baby always wiggles out of Moby. 
Sunday: 16 mins. Tight schedule! So bad at selfies still. 
Monday: 25 mins. Here I didnt want to smile because people around would know I was taking a pic of myself lol 
I cut this walk short because there were two gangsters in the park. I got scared. I'm a cops daughter and everyone is suspicious ok? For real though, two vatos walked into the park and one kept looking at me. The other continued to walk and one decided to hang back. I notice the Dad that stopped throwing the ball with his kid cause he was watching this guy. See, he thought he was suspicious too. The gangster saw the Dad then left. Thank God. 

Don't worry I have pepper spray. But I should bring my doggy. 

Ok night. 

Ps no offense to any gangster readers. 
PSS I'm not discriminating. He had a tattoo on his head that said "Vato". 

Just kidding. But he did have a tattoo on his head. 

Ok. Bye. 

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