Thursday, March 13, 2014


Oh my my. So sad to not have posted in forever! Our house is all boxed up. We are loading the truck tomorrow then off Saturday morning to our new home, job, church, and school! Wow can't believe it's here. 

I've been bad. Super stressed. Eating crud. Then Tuesday morning...I had a horrible pain flare up. I guess it's "IBS". Se pain I had when it was "gallbladder attacks". I haven't had one this bad in two years. I thought I was gonna have to go to the ER. I can't wait to not eat junk.

"Well you don't have to eat junk." I know. But we have no groceries. All our food is packed. We've been having family outings. Like this awesome day at the beach in Santa Monica. 
We ate at Bubba gumps Monday night then Tuesday I got the flare up. 

Anyways. I have so much to post but I'm at church in the nursing room. It's iur last service at LBC and Will is almost done nursing. Will update soon :)

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Staci Moize said...

I feel for ya. I know what it's like to not HAVE to eat junk, but it's a sad-but-true fact that junk is so much easier, so much more "grab and go." Doesn't make eating junk right, but it really does seem quicker and easier! I know today you are packing and the baby is sick and all. It will all fall into place, though, and you'll be in your new place before you know it. And THEN you can face the daunting task of putting all that junk back into its place in a new home! Haha