Monday, March 3, 2014

Friday's weigh in & Bikram Yoga

Lost .7 last week. 
-6.5 lbs in three weeks 
Total -34.5 pounds 

Sorry this post is late! I know you were dying to know. Just kidding. No one reads this. Except Staci. And my Grandma. Love you both ;-) 

I was glad I had a loss. I was very good all last week, but I lost over 3 the week before so I was just hoping for a loss. 

We were out of town Friday- Sunday and boy I wasn't very good food wise. This week I'm just trying to make it so I do t have a gain! Gah why is traveling so hard. 

Anyways. I've been dying to try Bikram Yoga (Hot yoga).  Our hometown has a new Bikram Yoga studio, so I talked my sis in law to go with me at 7am on Saturday.  She actually ended up dragging me out of bed to do it but I was so glad she did. 

It was HARD!!!!! I'm super sore ALL over my body. It was 105 degrees in the room, And it was 100 minuets long!  The teacher was this skinny guy that weighs probably 140 lbs.  He waked in wearing nothing but tiny little booty shorts. Not cool. 

At the start of class he told us we couldn't leave the room for the whole 90 minuets. Um, say what?! Then when I reached for my water he told me no water! Not till he said it was ok.  Now I was a little bit peeved.  But I kept on going and trying my best. I was way off what the poses should look like and half way through I realized I had a hole in my pants. Smh. 

We did these breathing exercises that was suppose to get more oxygen to our blood. Well the guy next to me seriously sounded like a zombie. I was kinda scared. 

My arms were burning because you had to have them straight up by your ears or out like airplane wings most if the class. 

He kept saying to look in the mirror but I didn't want to. I hated what I saw! Especially when I bent over and tried to fold...wasn't pretty. 

But he was pushing us, and that was good. It felt good to sweat a lot. 

I'll try another studio when we move but it HAS to be a lady teacher. Not comfortable with almost naked man yoga instructors. 

I've been thinking a lot and I've decided our whole family is going Paleo.  It's more for health reasons than weight loss.  It's just that, every time I fed my family cereal, breads, and anything processed I feel convicted. Seriously. 

It's totally ok to go out and treat them once in a while but I can't keep feeding them what I am everyday. And for my own health too. Every family has their own healthy diet needs and I know mine is Paleo. I just avoid it. I have a love/hate relationship with Paleo. "It's too hard!" "It's too expensive!" Well I can't make up excuses anymore. 

I'm thinking after we move we will take the plunge. Ps moving in 12 days. Still haven't packed. Yikes. 

Gotta go I hear the 2yo destroying his room. Sigh. 


karuna demla said...

I read your blog every time you post it.Look forward to it,too.Good for you on going paleo

Staci Moize said...

I wasn't here to read this week because of no power. Sorry! Yay for the loss. I bombed out this whole past week (almost) now. Ugh. I think I am just gonna go for liposuction. LOL Kidding. Hot yoga sounds like quite the experience!!!

April said...

I read your blog faithfully too. It's super encouraging! One thing that I really admire is your perseverance in so many areas of life:)