Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paleo Day 4

Quick update. In the car waiting while Davey is opening a bank account. So busy, so overwhelmed with all I have to do! Still missing my clothes, my silverware, and other utensils. :( 

Paleo has been good, and hard. Today is easier than yesterday. I was so grouchy, had a headache, and nausea. 

Cody's appetite has been amazing which makes me happy!!! It use to be pulling teeth to get him to eat! Now he's asking for food all day!! Wow. Very happy to see him improving. 

I was feeling homesick for my comfort foods. Sounds silly but it's true. I enjoy my coffee creamer and chocolate. Ya know? Yes you can still have dark chocolate but I have to find a good brand. Not my normal Hershey's kisses or Reese's Peanut Butter cups. 

Everyone says it gets easier so I hope it does! Last nights dinner was so good! We had church and were out and about. Shane was asking for mcdonalds, but I stayed strong. We hurried home and I whipped up bacon wrapped chicken drumsticks with baked zucchini w olive oil and seasons and strawberries. It was really good and everyone had seconds!!

Oyi the boys are eating soooo much! I'm gonna have to reevaluate the budget and shopping list to buy more food. They've gone through 5 bunches of bananas, a whole jug of cashews, 2 packages of bacon, 3-4 dozen eggs, and about 12 Larabars alreadysince  Monday..omgoodness. 

Sometimes I'm like "yeah I got this! I love This!!!" Then someone invites us over and I'm like "oh crud." And "do I want to live like this? Being scared of eating out? Never having donuts or muffins or chips? And always saying, don't eat that boys it has gluten!" 

But then I think of their health. Cody especially and he's already doing amazing. 

It's hard. It's a pain. It's expensive. But it's ok because we can do hard things. 

And after 30 days I plan to reintroduce a lot. Dairy, white rice, and hopefully oatmeal.  And I can make Paleo muffins. 

I love this statement from the book "It starts with food".  
"It's NOT hard. Beating cancer is hard. Losing a child is hard. Giving birth is hard. Drinking your coffee black is not hard." 

That's good perspective. And she's right! So maybe it's not "hard" but it takes getting use to, which is uncomfortable. 

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Aimee C said...

Hello, lady!

Found your blog via Wellness Mama.
Re Lara bars: I make my own! My husband eats them like they're candy and at $1.29 each, they can get pricey. Here's the recipe I used:

I doubled it. And it's so versatile! I also made apple pie and sunbutter/chocolate chip ones. Yum! =]

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? You can get 16oz of 1/2 salt cashew pieces for $4.99!

Thank you for your beautiful birthing story, btw!