Monday, March 24, 2014

Wow it's been a long time...

Life has been CRAZY! Guess what? Moving with 4 little ones is HARD. Few! At the end of the day I'm still unpacking and then fall asleep as soon as I sit down. Lol. 

We've been here 9 days now. I'm really liking it so far. 
The house is bigger than our last. It's nice open with lots of windows which I love. It has a laundry room...whoot! 

Today we all started Paleo!!!! So far it's good, but I'm really wanting chocolate...

I did ok on our budget ($350 for 2 weeks). But I'm realizing I'm gonna need to start getting Less and shopping once a week. I didn't buy any processed foods! Not even coffee creamer. Gulp. 

Shane did not like dinner. It was Honey Mustard Chicken with yam fries and kale chips. He almost barfed with the yam fries and kale. Oyi. We've got a long road ahead of us. 

"Why are you making the kids do it?" 
Well, lots of reasons. Cody (4) has tummy issues. He has hardly grown, and has no appetite ever.  Reece, Cody and Will have all had horrible croup the last two weeks. VERY scary. Reece had it the worst and could not breath well. Even a nebulizer wasn't working.  Then the baby got it, and it was again very scary. I feel like the 3 older boys have been sick all winter.  

There are more reasons but I'll leave it at that :) 

So very sad....all my good clothes from my closet got thrown away.. :( they aren't anywhere. I packed them in a black garbage bag (very bad idea) with the hangers still on them.  All our clothes for the most part was in garbage bags. 

Sigh. So I went to buy a few things at target, and I almost cried in the dressing room.  I can't beleive how FAT I am!!!!! I'm so done with it.  I hated myself in that moment. 

But now, all I want is a muffin, and I *think* I don't care about being fat. But if I was to eat a muffin I'd care after that, and be mad at myself. 

I need His help getting through the cravings.  

Will update again soon :) 


Tiffany said...

Definitely understand how you feel. I hate shopping for that exact same feeling. I would even feel guilty for eating anything ever. Not a healthy mentality. But you'll notice how much better you feel with Paleo! We've been Paleo for a couple months now. I'm down 15lbs already and just feel so much better filling my body with healthy, clean foods. Will be praying for an easy transition for you and the boys!

Staci Moize said...

"But now, all I want is a muffin, and I *think* I don't care about being fat. But if I was to eat a muffin I'd care after that, and be mad at myself. "
Ditto, I hear ya!!! Tucker hates anything THM as far as the allowed desserts or breads. It makes it so hard, but I know it's what is best for us right now. My middle daughter has been croupy and wheezing all week. Loratadine and Singular keep it controlled. She finally woke up MUCH improved this morning. I really, really hate that about your clothes. :(