Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Catch up!

Down 9.6 lbs! Sheesh I am a horrible blogger these days. Quick post to say I'm down almost 10 lbs! 

But.....I ate way too much over Easter weekend and am scared for weigh in day :/ 

Run or Dye 5K is in 10 days!!! And I have NOT ran 3 miles straight yet! 

Goal=Finish.  :) 

I will be back soon! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Down 7.6 lbs, Run or Dye, and Diet Bet

Oh my my my goodness it's been way to long! I have been soooo busy....can not catch a break! I have NOT meant to be gone so long.  But life is such. 

I'm down 7.6 pounds since the last time I blogged. YAY! We are NOT doing strict Paleo/Whole 30 anymore.  I did Whole 30 for one week and here's what happened with me.  I was going a wee bit crazy.  It's so restrictive!!!! I was obsessing about food.  All I was thinking about was what I "Can't" eat.  I was so so so close to a major binge.  I haven't had binging mentality in a long time, and this was not healthy for me mentally.  Some may think, "Yeah well those temptations will pass! You just have to keep going!"  But I was gluten free for 4 months in 2013 so I know that those temptations for donuts and cupcakes DON'T disappear forever (at least not me).

I absolutely think Paleo is an amazing lifestyle for many. Especially those with health issues. I believe in it. I really do!  We have still been eating Paleo meals.  I have continued to cook the recipes and I have really been limiting gluten and sugar.  Cody is still gluten free for the most part unless he's at church or we go out to eat or something.  And the interesting thing is, now that I "Can" have whatever I want, I don't really want it.  But when I "couldn't" have bread, legumes, sugar, dairy, corn, ice cream, chocolate, grains, ect....I was dreaming about food I normally don't even want to eat!

I was also thinking a lot about WHY I have food issues.  Why I'm overweight, and why for so many years I would diet, binge, diet, binge.  For some reason as a young girl I became aware that certain food was "fattening" and that's why I was "fat".  WELL I was not fat....But I thought I was.  I would restrict foods, then binge on them, then restrict them.  Not healthy! I didn't want my kids to think of any foods as "off limits" to the point where as soon as they leave the house they want only junk.  Even though we explain we don't eat candy everyday and we don't eat a lot of gluten because it doesn't make us strong, it's reserved now for special occasions.  Now the boys don't even ask much about it. 

So....I've been doing Weight Watchers faithfully and avoided a binge. Feeewww. I feel much better.  Because what's the point of losing 15 pounds in a few weeks by restricting tons of foods (if you don't need to for health) and then gaining it all back on a binge? 

I have been watching my sugar and gluten intake a lot and I'm pretty sure my tummy issues are sugar related.  Maybe gluten too, but I am not sure.  When I finally ate gluten again after not having it for 2 weeks I didn't get sick....but when I ate sugar a different day I did.  So I am still trying to pin point it and see what helps.  

On to the next subject, I entered a 5K!!!! It's a Run or Dye (color run).  How fun! And it's in 3 weeks!!! Eeeek! I have been running again...have a long ways to go.  I also registered for Wharf to Wharf in July.  which is a 6.2 mile run. 

And about Diet Bet....I entered a challenge to lose %4 of my body weight or I lose my money! Yikes!!! I am doing pretty good on target.. 16 days to go!!!! Pray for :)

Ok, gotta go.  Be back soon! xo