Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sticking w It

Surprise surprise when I saw some muscles coming in! I mean...what?! This was exactly what I needed to see the other morning. Even though the scale is NOT budging I'm gonna stick with Flexibie dieting because I can eat and I'm losing inches. So I must get over the dang scale!!!! 
It was/am so reluctant to do it because it's 1800 cals a day! But I've been eating that much, plus trying to really hit protein, and inches are falling off! 3.5 off my thighs since January!! How is that possible when I haven't lost a lb?! Muscle! I'm so excited!!! I've logged my food into my fitness pal now for 36 days. I'm just gonna chill off the scale and keep doing what I've been doing (eating, weights, running). 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Curse of the 180's

Sigh. This is the weight I've been stuck at for 10 years. Well I've weighed a lot more than I do now but I really can't get out of the 180's (except when I got married I went down to 160 and when I was pregnant w Boy 4 & got really sick and couldn't eat for 10 days I got down to 165). 

When I got pregnant w Boy 1 I was 187. 
I was 220 when I got pregnant w Boy 2. I was again 187 when I got pregnant with Boy 3. And then right around 175-180 when I got pregnant w Boy 4. 

A few months ago I was 182!!!!! And now I'm back up to 189 and I'm TRYING SO HARD to lose. I'm running so much, tons of gym time, walking, ect.  I will go down to 187, then back up 2lbs. I could punch my scale in the face. 

I've lost almost 3 inches off my thighs and two off my stomach since January. Wearing a size 12-14. But I just can't get past the number. I don't even know what to do. So in the last few months I've tried counting calories/macros pretty faithfully. Stayed the same. I've tried not eating after 5, that usually works! I've stayed the same. I've tried Weight Watchers. Stayed the same. Carb cycling lasted a minuet I admit I couldn't stick to that (at least while half marathon training). I'm so frustrated and want to give up. I need momentum. :( I just need to see something work. It's super frustrating because if I stay the same no matter what then why try? When I *know* I'm getting stronger & inches are what matter but...... 

Boy my last few blog posts sure have been discouraging and like, "Get it together woman!!" 

I will. I'm praying God helps me and gives me wisdom. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Update & plan to bust Plateau!

Hello, it's been a good while...sorry bout that. You wouldn't believe how busy life is ! Overwhelming too. And emotional. And stressful. Prayer, walking, and my hubby are what have kept me stable lately :) More on that soon. And it's good changes coming just very overwhelming. For now...lets talk weight loss. 

Good news! I'm down 2.5 inches in my thighs and down two pant sizes since Jan 1! 
I've been running LOTS of miles 
But the scale WILL NOT BUDGE AT ALL!!! I'm so frustrated. I've been super consistent for 3 weeks and still nothing. I'll be down two then right back up two. I think maybe running has to do with it, but I have to find a solution! I want to lose 30 more by my 30th birthday which is the end of August! Gah! So...
I've been doing some digging in about plateaus. 
Today I start Carb Cyclying. I've heard great things about it helping bust past a weight you can't get past. I'm going to try it for TWO weeks. And see if it helps at all. Here's what it will look like: 

Monday: low carb 
Tuesday: high carb 
Wednesday: low carb 
Thursday: low carb
Friday's: high carb 
Sat: low carb 
Sunday: high carb

I'll still be counting my calories/macros and staying under 1800. 

I'll keep Ya all posted!!