Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sticking w It

Surprise surprise when I saw some muscles coming in! I mean...what?! This was exactly what I needed to see the other morning. Even though the scale is NOT budging I'm gonna stick with Flexibie dieting because I can eat and I'm losing inches. So I must get over the dang scale!!!! 
It was/am so reluctant to do it because it's 1800 cals a day! But I've been eating that much, plus trying to really hit protein, and inches are falling off! 3.5 off my thighs since January!! How is that possible when I haven't lost a lb?! Muscle! I'm so excited!!! I've logged my food into my fitness pal now for 36 days. I'm just gonna chill off the scale and keep doing what I've been doing (eating, weights, running). 


finding lori said...

Great attitude towards the scale!! What ever you are doing is working so keep it up and don't worry about the numbers :)

The Skinny on Staci said...

You look awesome and look like you feel awesome so phooey on the scale! 180s look great on you! :)