Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rearranging my workouts

I have not been tracking my food very good the last week and a half :( but... I still lost another inch off my hips and half an inch off my stomach! I am back at keeping good track this week and being consistent. Scale is evil as usual. Here's a four months progress picture for strength! Oct to Feb! 
Last week I got to work out w a female power lifter from my gym. She's awesome! She taught me a lot and based on her recommendation I'm switching up my routines. She highly suggested doing one light day w max speed and effort at %50 max lifting weight. So my Max bench is 85lbs, so on speed days I'll do just the bar (45lbs) then maybe 65 lbs going for speed and see how many reps I can do over weight. 

Then the next time I do bench I'll do it heavy! She said it helps build power for bigger maxes so I'm doing it! Also she said no more cardio before heavy lifting days so I had to really rearrange my schedule because I can't give up kick boxing class on Monday's it's my fave :) and spin on Fridays! 
Here's my new schedule and all the workouts. I am cutting shoulders down to once a week my traps and shoulders are getting outta control ;-) lol jk not really but they are getting big and you use your shoulders for most exercises and they've been sore a lot so I am laying off them a bit. 
This app is Fitness Buddy and LISS cardio is low intensity steady state cardio. Casual Walking, slow steps, casual biking, ect. I actually love cardio.. So it's hard not to do it everyday. But I don't want to be doing too much! 

Someone in the weight room the other day asked me what I am training for. I'm not sure lol. Life? Food? Health? I am addicted to getting stronger! Eventually one day I want to do a power meet competition. I'm in no rush though. I still have sooo much to work on and so far to come. I have an idea of what I want my body composition to be like and i don't care what I weigh. Never thought I'd say that! I just want to be strong and have less fat then I do now. My stomach is always a problem :( but it's shrinking. 

I do gotta say, working out helps me destress and be a better mom. I could go crazy w our busy schedules if I didn't get a work out in. And most of all... Spiritually exercising is number one. Reading God's word keeps me sane and peaceful!! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

More inches gone :)

I measured myself this morning and I've lost 4 more inches over all this week! Making it 14 total since January 1st, and 4 of those came off my stomach!!! I am in shock! I've really upped my lifting and cardio. I've been consistent in the gym and (not perfect) but pretty consistent w trying to stay under my calories and hitting close to macro goals..•• I think not eating carbs in the morning is a big part of my progress•• I wake up early, like 5:45am. I have nothing but coffee w heavy cream in it until about 8:45am then I have a only half a banana and my pre work out before I work out. I'm pretty sure I burn up that half a banana pretty quick then the rest is fat burning for fuel :)

 Today the scale **still** said 183. It's frustrating you know... But I have to shift my mind from scale goals to inches and size and strength goals. I want to lift A LOT of weight.. My bench press now is 85 lbs and I want it to be 150 this year. My squat max is 95 and I want that to be 180 this year. My deadlift is also 95 and I'd love to make that 180 this year too. 

Shane's birthday was Saturday he tuned 8! I can't believe it. I have an 8,6,4 and 2 year old! I am so happy right now in life, I recently (like 2 weeks ago!) finally weaned Will, yay! For the first time in almost 9 years I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding!!! Hollllaaaa! My stomach is still a major problem area for me. Definitely the hardest part to lose for me. It is shrinking but the mom pooch is always there... I am not against one day getting a tummy tuck lol. Here's Shane and I ready for his bday celebration! 
 Here's me today for church! :) 
Add me on snapchat if you have it @ adrienneosuna IG too :) 
Have a great week xoxo 

Monday, February 1, 2016

1 year apart

Wellllll hello there! It's been a while! I actually could not remember my password to blogger for a good while lol! 
Anyways, LIFE IS BUSY! My husband has school two nights a week for his electrical apprentice, I have school two nights a week for pre nursing (which is seriously hard - chemistry and anatomy and im not sure I'll survive), the boys are finishing up with basketball, baseball starts this week, Cody has jujitsu two days a week, I started cleaning a house for extra money every other Thursday, and I've had a good amount of photo shoots these last few months! Whew! Crazy! But I've been doing really well with being consistent with my work outs and heavy lifting. I'm definitely addicted. 

 I do Monday/Thursday Leg/Glute day, Tuesday/Friday is upper body- biceps, triceps, back, chest, and my favorite... Shoulders! 

These two pics are exactly one year apart. I WEIGH THE SAME. 182 and 182. Seriously. I'm down 3-4 dress sizes (from 16-10) and the other day I fit into a SIZE 8 skinny jeans! 
I still have lots of fluff. But I'm so excited with my progress. For the first time in forever I can say... I DONT CARE about the scale! I spent all 2015 frustrated trying to get out of the 180's. I would literally get so mad at the scale i'd blow that whole day with my food and have a mini binging attitude. 

I'm at peace now. I stopped weight watchers because they focus on the scale, I do Flexible dieting, I eat what I want (very low sugar for health), I eat 1763 calories a day, count my macros to hit those goals, (110 carbs 110 protein 98 fat because that's what I FEEL best on). But I don't freak out if I have an off day because I'm still in the gym almost everyday working hard. 

So I finally realized, am I trying to lose WEIGHT or lose FAT? I am the same weight in both of the top photos! Heavy lifting has changed me! I am strong, I feel amazing, and I'm excited! This was today, Monday's are my hardest work out days, kick boxing and leg day. 
Here's last week from almost my heaviest  to current. 
I'm going to be blogging more often now that I figured out my password lol. If there's people even reading still haha :)