Sunday, February 7, 2016

More inches gone :)

I measured myself this morning and I've lost 4 more inches over all this week! Making it 14 total since January 1st, and 4 of those came off my stomach!!! I am in shock! I've really upped my lifting and cardio. I've been consistent in the gym and (not perfect) but pretty consistent w trying to stay under my calories and hitting close to macro goals..•• I think not eating carbs in the morning is a big part of my progress•• I wake up early, like 5:45am. I have nothing but coffee w heavy cream in it until about 8:45am then I have a only half a banana and my pre work out before I work out. I'm pretty sure I burn up that half a banana pretty quick then the rest is fat burning for fuel :)

 Today the scale **still** said 183. It's frustrating you know... But I have to shift my mind from scale goals to inches and size and strength goals. I want to lift A LOT of weight.. My bench press now is 85 lbs and I want it to be 150 this year. My squat max is 95 and I want that to be 180 this year. My deadlift is also 95 and I'd love to make that 180 this year too. 

Shane's birthday was Saturday he tuned 8! I can't believe it. I have an 8,6,4 and 2 year old! I am so happy right now in life, I recently (like 2 weeks ago!) finally weaned Will, yay! For the first time in almost 9 years I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding!!! Hollllaaaa! My stomach is still a major problem area for me. Definitely the hardest part to lose for me. It is shrinking but the mom pooch is always there... I am not against one day getting a tummy tuck lol. Here's Shane and I ready for his bday celebration! 
 Here's me today for church! :) 
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Have a great week xoxo 


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving more insight into your diet! Would like to hear more about intermittent fasting. Have you heard of wild diet or bulletproof diet?