Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rearranging my workouts

I have not been tracking my food very good the last week and a half :( but... I still lost another inch off my hips and half an inch off my stomach! I am back at keeping good track this week and being consistent. Scale is evil as usual. Here's a four months progress picture for strength! Oct to Feb! 
Last week I got to work out w a female power lifter from my gym. She's awesome! She taught me a lot and based on her recommendation I'm switching up my routines. She highly suggested doing one light day w max speed and effort at %50 max lifting weight. So my Max bench is 85lbs, so on speed days I'll do just the bar (45lbs) then maybe 65 lbs going for speed and see how many reps I can do over weight. 

Then the next time I do bench I'll do it heavy! She said it helps build power for bigger maxes so I'm doing it! Also she said no more cardio before heavy lifting days so I had to really rearrange my schedule because I can't give up kick boxing class on Monday's it's my fave :) and spin on Fridays! 
Here's my new schedule and all the workouts. I am cutting shoulders down to once a week my traps and shoulders are getting outta control ;-) lol jk not really but they are getting big and you use your shoulders for most exercises and they've been sore a lot so I am laying off them a bit. 
This app is Fitness Buddy and LISS cardio is low intensity steady state cardio. Casual Walking, slow steps, casual biking, ect. I actually love cardio.. So it's hard not to do it everyday. But I don't want to be doing too much! 

Someone in the weight room the other day asked me what I am training for. I'm not sure lol. Life? Food? Health? I am addicted to getting stronger! Eventually one day I want to do a power meet competition. I'm in no rush though. I still have sooo much to work on and so far to come. I have an idea of what I want my body composition to be like and i don't care what I weigh. Never thought I'd say that! I just want to be strong and have less fat then I do now. My stomach is always a problem :( but it's shrinking. 

I do gotta say, working out helps me destress and be a better mom. I could go crazy w our busy schedules if I didn't get a work out in. And most of all... Spiritually exercising is number one. Reading God's word keeps me sane and peaceful!! 


Amy Crowns said...

You are truly an inspiration... I caught your pics through Flipboard and wanted to keep following you since I have been back to lifting for three months but I am having the same issues with the scale! =)
And then I found out you love Jesus, too. Praise God for His blessings, you are one of them!

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