About Me

Hi. I'm The Curvy Housewife. I'm a wife, and a mom to 4 little boys.

 I've always been curvy, but this is how I became reallyyyyy curvy, and The Curvy Housewife.

Pretty boring long story so, I'll summarize.

I always thought I was fat.  Turned out I wasn't.
I was always on a diet because I thought I was fat.  Which made me a professional yoyo dieter.
As soon as I stopped cheer leading and dancing in high school I gained weight.  Then lost some. Then gained some.
Then I lost some again.  Then I got ENGAGED! {awesome day. Def a top 10}.
Then I lost more weight for my wedding! After all I did buy a dress two sizes to small on purpose.

Then I got married.  I was 159 lbs at my wedding in 2006.

 THEN I gained some weight again. Then I got pregnant with Boy 1 and enjoyed every second of being pregnant with him.  I was finishing my degree, I felt great, took lots of naps in between classes and homework and married life, and ate all my heart desired.  Then one day.....it happened.  I stepped on the scale.  9 months pregnant.  WHAT have I done? 244 lbs the day my first son was born.  I didn't even recognize myself in the photos of my sons birth.  My family could hardly recognize me too.
Thankfully I was retaining a lot of water, and lost 30 lbs quickly after Boy 1 was born.  We wanted more kids and I was loving being a new mommy.  Then BAM.  Six months later we were pregnant with Boy 2.  Wow.  I gained less with him than I did with Boy 1, but the day I delivered Boy 2, I was a whopping 254 lbs.  And I was MORTIFIED.

 Too bad this time I wasn't retaining much water.  Just fat. I lost like 12 lbs after his birth. ugh.
With a 15 month old and a newborn I really wanted to get in shape, but didn't really know where to begin.   Finally when Boy 2 was six months old I was ready.
{except for right here. Hey, I've always had a sweet tooth.}

 Here I am in the pink jacket at about my heaviest non pregnant 244 lbs.  I started this blog and really losing weight in Jan 2010. 

I really loved blogging. I was losing weight by counting calories and working out, I ran some 5ks and I even did a Triathlon.  My first one ever, May 2010.
I lost some more weight.  Then we found out were were expecting.  I was surprised. But excited.  Here I am pregnant with our 3rd baby and holding Boy2.
I stopped exercising as much because I was so tired and just trying to keep my two boys alive while growing another one.  Right after this trip in the above photo, I learned our baby had  no heartbeat anymore, and we had lost the baby.  Just like that.  It's life was gone. ;( A few days later I miscarried naturally.  It was a horrible experience, involving collapsing, an ambulance, and a lot of blood.

Thank God, I choose exercise to grieve.  I got all my emotions out at the gym, and I was becoming one STRONG mama.  I did two more triathlons, and I ran a WHOLE 10k with out stopping.
I became addicted to running.  Me, the one that failed PE, RAN! A LOT! I would go to the gym and run 7 miles on the treadmill.  In Feb 2011, I ran my first half marathon.  I was 187 lbs here.  I had lost 57 lbs.
RIGHT after the half marathon, we conceived Boy 3. Ecstatic. And totally afraid I would miscarry, I barely exercised. I was super sick with gallstones with him, and I gained about 35-40lbs.
 So thankful for a healthy baby boy, I was ready to lose weight again.  And that I did.  I did another half marathon when Boy 3 was six months old. CRAZY.  It was a super hard trail run.  My awesome husband did it with me. {Well he ditched me and ran fast, but he came back for me in the end} :)
I lost a lot of weight between this photo and when we got pregnant with Boy 4 in Feb 2013.  I got down to 165 pounds Which was about 80 lbs lost! I did that by using My Fitness Pal, and Weight Watchers for a part of it, while running.
Below: At our baby reveal party, just found out we are having ANOTHER BOY!!! LOL I wouldn't trade my baby boy for ANYTHING. :) 

I gained about 55 lbs while pregnant with Boy 4.  What can I say, I was addicted to eggnog and chocolate. And he was big. 8lbs 9oz.
And then there were 6.  Had a wonderfully healthy pregnancy and natural birth of Boy 4.

I tried some different diets after Boy 4 was born, but honestly, they just weren't for me.  Not against any of them, I just found what I can do and what I want to do, and that's Weight Watchers.  Weight Watchers is something I can do for LIFE. I just joined the gym, and am super excited to become FIT.
HERE I am in the pic below, May 10, 2014.
Starting weight: 211.6 
Ok so that was kinda long.  Sorry :) Do this with me.  I need motivation!
Love, The Curvy Housewife


Amelia Eden said...

Im currently pregnant with baby #1 and due to give birth at the end of September! I will be 100% on board with you as soon as my bun is out of the oven! I too am a stay at home Mom and just moved to a new state. It will be nice to check in and compare experiences and results with you!

Mary said...

I have had a similar journey as you in the weight gaining and losing department for years!! Currently pregnant with number one, after he arrives in October I cannot wait to join you on your journey! Very inspired by your story, and I read your natural birth story on another site. Cannot wait to experience it myself :)

Amy D. said...

Great job! I was in the same boat in June 2014. I miscarried my 3rd son at 25 weeks. I felt like going back to the gym have me the strength to get thru the day and to be a stronger person. Hope ur achieving your goals! Deft an inspiration!