Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 days until 13.1

I woke up this morning sick. I knew it was going to happen because Davey started feeling sick yesterday. My throat, nose, body, ears, head= achy.

Monday I had a good half of the day. I ate Oatmeal for breakfast than my new favorite lunch: 3 slices turkey on Sara Lee Light Multi grain bread, onions, tomatoes, the thinest slivers of cheese, mustard, lettuce, salt and pepper [yum] with baked cheddar lays, and a big salad with lots on it topped with fat free Ceaser.
Then for no reason, I couldn't stop eating chocolate chips, then I had a series of VERY frustrating things happed, such as things not working, which made me bake. I made chili and corn bread and a big, warm, fluffy chocolate cake topping while hot with sweetened condensed milk, and melted frosting. Double yum.

So I was mad at myself [again] for the way I took out my emotions. Yesterday I weighed and was up 192! Oh no. I was not gonna have that. Yesterday I ate P E R F E C T. I also, hiked at the Poppy Reserve, walked at the dog park [those two we did as a family], than Davey and the boys dropped me off at the gym where I did a much needed Yoga class, and kicked my own butt in Cycle class. Really pushed myself. I couldn't get a hold of Davey when I was done [he was on the phone with a pastor] so I did 30 minuets of Body Sculpt too (didn't do any legs, can't be sore for Sunday!). So glad Davey made dinner last night, curry chicken, rice, and veggies. YUM! That man can cook.
Happy that after a day like yesterday, I got on scale this morning and back to 189. Yay. Now to finally break that dang number. It's too close to the 190's.

Today I've cleaned all morning and afternoon so far. Finally took a break for lunch at 2pm, and Davey just took the boys to the park. I am snuggled up, watching re-runs of Biggest Loser, with blankies, pillows, heater on and portable heater right next to me, tea and popcorn. I am set.
I'll have a better post tomorrow on details for the weekend.

What do you do to help get rid of a cold quick?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Christi said...

I would suggest you get Emergen C and "kick ass immune" Both can be found at Whole Foods and they really have worked for me.