Thursday, February 24, 2011


We are leaving for Tennessee early tomorrow morning!

I am very excited. But. I will really really really really miss my boys. Did I mention, really miss them? Ugh. Hate to leave them.

I am very grateful for this opportunity though and can't wait to meet everyone and see this beautiful state.

I would really appreciate prayers for safety, and for our boys while we are gone. My Mom is flying in to LAX tomorrow early morning, landing at 7:16am. Our plane takes off at 8:30am. So as you can see we only have an hour to find my mom, give her the boys, and get to our gate. LAX is big. Would appreciate prayers for my mom's safety and for an easy transition.

How do they talk there? Talk to ya'll later! (I'm not gonna fit in am I?)

Love, The Curvy Housewife


The Lazy Triathlete said...

Where in TN are you going? I use to live in Nashville and it is still the best place I have lived.

Suzanne said...

Prayers are sent to you (and your mom) for safe travels. Try to enjoy the experience even though I know you'll really miss the boys. :) I'm excited to read all about it!!!!

J said...

I will definitely pray for you. I just found your blog! Love it!


Adrienne said...

Thank you J and Suzanne! :)
and it was in cleveland TN near Chattanooga.