Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Weigh In & My Running Story

Weigh In
Only up .5. Half a pound. That I am happy with. But who knows what next week will be??

I was just telling my husband, I am so tired of people (books, doctors, nurses, WIC) saying things like, "Since you were a little over weight when you got pregnant, you should only gain 15 pounds total for the whole pregnancy."

Asking a pregnant woman to only gain 15 pounds is ridiculous. If it happens, than fine and that's good. But let's not put that pressure on a pregnant lady. Okay? I totally understand warning an overweight pregnant lady about gaining too much, and about diabetes and all those risks, but to say, you only need to gain X amount of weight, that's not cool.

What do they want me to do....count my calories? Diet? I. Think. Not.

I am not eating donuts everyday. I am eating whole foods for the most part, and exercising. So if I gain over 15 (which I know I will) so be it. Not trying to repeat my last weigh in post, but I am venting about some comments I've had or read in books. Ok. Moving on.

My running story.

Yesterday on Twitter, one of the Authors of the book I am reading, Run Like a Mother writes for Runners World. She tweeted she needs people who have lost weight while running for an article. So I tweeted her, and she tweeted back and I am currently waiting for her to email me the list of questions from Runners World!!! Now I know I am not the only one being emailed this list, and I know I will probably not get picked, but so cool to even be considered!!!

It got me thinking about how I started running, how much I lost while running, and the journey in general. How an overweight, asthmatic, mom of 2 could barely run a 1/3 of a mile even well after starting C25K to realizing I could run 1.67 miles with out stopping, to running 10 miles with out stopping and finishing a half marathon.

I am still in awe at how this all happened. I have been reflecting back to after Cody was born, and how at my heaviest weight of 244 pounds, I desperately wanted to run. But between my asthma, being super fat, and having 2 babies, and the fact that I could never run, even at 140 pounds, I thought it was just a dream. I remember going to the track when Cody was a few months old, and trying to run 1/4 mile straight, and felt discouraged that I couldn't do it. Finally I did and was amazed at how I actually made it 1 WHOLE LAP with out dying. I almost threw up, but I did it.

Even though I am limited to how much I can run now due to pregnancy, and back pain, I know that after the baby comes, I CAN run as far as I want to (Lord willing of course). I am so thankful I started to run, and that God gave me the strength to do it.

Do you have a similar running story?

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Jennifer said...

Yes! I have a similar story! I climbed up to my highest weight-230 and I've been making my way back down. I NEVER thought I'd be a runner. Ever. And here I am! Crazy...

Kara said...

You have a great story! Mine isn't really interesting because I didn't have so many obstacles, but I did run a full marathon and an ultra marathon by the time my daughter was a year old!

Life is fun Here said...

Ahh.. yes "only gain 15 pounds" I just ignored the well meaning people (doctors) that told me that,lol. Keep up the good work Adrienne!


Kendra said...

I want to run with you. But you up and moved to Tennessee. So much for running a race after babies!! I'm proud of you for all you've done during this pregnancy, and can't wait to see what you do after he enters the world!!!

steena said...

That's really cool, I hope you get picked for the article!