Friday, May 18, 2012

Count Down.

Only 15 more days until our half marathon!!! I am getting very excited, anxious, and nervous!!! I am super nervous because my training isn't where it should be.  I'm gonna try to run 10 miles tomorrow. Which will be my longest run before the half.  It's also a 3 mile jump from my last long run, 7 miles.  Ugh! I was such a procrastinator this time! My last half marathon I only went up to 10 as well, and the last three miles were PAIN during the race.  And I had terrible tummy cramps after the race.  I am praying I won't have runners tummy this time!!

I am also very excited because I really think my husband has a chance to place in his age group!! He is one fast stud muffin. He will have to keep a 7.5 minuet mile pace the whole time to place, but that's about what he runs, with out much effort might I add. It's *SO NOT FAIR*

Me on the other hand?? I am just hoping to finish in under 3:30. My last time was 3:09, but this race has lots of hills!!! Including a mile long hill. ouch.  I may have a more ambitious goal, but I am nervous to write it.  Okay okay I'll tell you. I REALLY really really want to finish in 2:59.  But, I haven't trained as much, and there are a lot of hills. That comes out to about 13.5 min per mile.  I run a 14 min mile.  I'm slow, I know it.

So the next two weeks looks like: tomorrow- 10 miles. Tuesday- 4 miles Thursday- 1 mile incline treadmill Saturday- 5 miles Monday- 2 miles Wednesday- 1 mile incline treadmill Rest-
Saturday June 2- 13.1 miles!

Last night we got new running shoes. Eeek! Very, extremely much needed.  I had to make my husband get new shoes. His almost had holes in them. {He is such a penny pincher} And they were on sale.  I do still feel guilty because even on sale running shoes aren't exactly cheap. I had some cash I pitched in for my own. 

I am really proud of myself too because I've been looking for shoes for us for a couple months.  Making sure we can afford them, seeing if we really need them (our knee pain is a big YES, we do need them).  I made sure our boys all had what they needed first, ect. And I didn't buy on a splurge. Progress in more ways than one =) I was so picky because the last two pairs I've had since July 2009, I didn't love them.  I got them because they were good shoes on sale. Well this time I wasn't willing to spend a dime on a pair of shoes I didn't LOVE. So I really waited and was patient until I found one I love at a good price.  Wanna see?

I am also, very excited about June 2, because I am throwing my husband a surprise 30th Bday, at the beach right after our race!!! Yay! He has no clue...muahaha.  Another reason I want to finish sooner rather than later, also cause I don't want to miss him getting an award.  They are giving the rewards out at 11:30 am and our race starts at 8:30 am!  Sheesh that's tight.  I'll be giving my Mom the video camera!

Tomorrow is weigh in. I'm excited, I've done well this week. I HOPE it shows.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Staci's Slimdown said...

Omgosh. I can't even FATHOM running 10 miles. You go girl! If you don't even finish for 5 hours, think of me. ROFL I had such horrid blisters on my feet after only WALKING 3.1 miles, and that took me 53 minutes! Best of luck to you! You'll do great! Good luck at the scale. I know it's been irritating you.

Adrienne said...

Thanks Staci!! :) LOL That means a lot because sometimes I feel so slow that I'm THE LAST ONE!! haha

Corrina said...

Congrats girl! You are almost there :) Those are some CUTE shoes :) I think they are going to make you faster! Hope your 10-miler goes well.