Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My idea of cute...

Kelly posted how she is buying this amazing dress from Nordstroms. It's gonna be her goal weight dress and she is buying it in a size 6! So excited for her to get there and wear it!

I've thought about doing that but always worry that I won't actually ever get to wear it..This time I KNOW I will. Some how I just do.  So I tweeted Kelly and told her I was going to copy her. Then began the search. I may* have wasted a day and a half so far looking for a dress I couldn't even wear yet.  With NO luck I almost gave up. Than I found this adorable website with this adorable dress. It's what I want, except, I want a mint color dress, maybe short sleeves and I want it knee length! Is that so hard to ask for an adorably stylish dress that won't show my bum if I bend over to pick up my son??  I am so not judging anyone that wears dresses that length or anything, but honestly for me, it's not in the bag.  I like things a little more conservative, yet still very stylish. I do bend over a lot for my kiddos and I may have accidentally flashed some people my grannie panties before. Either that or my rather large chest is falling out the top of my shirt or dress. Very uncomfortable!

Anyways, I decided to ask my Mom, who just happens to be a professional seamstress, if she could make me what I want. She is going to make it for me in a Medium!! Maybe we'll make more than one and see if they sell.  Oh and I've decided I am going to have a party when I reach goal and wear the dress. Yup!! It's gonna happen! :)

Who knows, maybe we will come up with a whole line! :) 

My week is going well so far. Staying with in points, working out, drinking water. Excited for weigh in.

Do you know of any cute websites with stylish modest clothes? Or where I could find a mint knee length dress that isn't too much?

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Elisha said...

Awesome post and a wonderful idea to help you have motivation! Can't wait to see :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you!

Kelly said...

Thank you for the shout out, mama! Love you! :-)

Jennifer said...

LOVE the dress! I'm too big for a M, but I'd be interested if your mom made it in larger sizes! ;)