Monday, May 14, 2012

Weigh In & Cody's Birthday Party!

Last week 205.6
This week 205.6

That's three....THREE!! weeks in a row where I have stayed the same!!! fjdkahjfhja;kajhfdafdakj!!!!!!!

That's gibberish for words I can not say...

What is going on?? I mean....what is going on?!!!! I would be LESS shocked if I was up or down .2 or something...but the same exact weight? Mind boggling. 
What is it?
Fluid? Really?
Too many points??
Not weighing/measuring well?

All I know is next week IT WILL be down.  Oh yes it will.  Or I'm gonna kung fu the women that weighs me in every week.  This week she says, "Hm. You're the exact same again. Bizarre" silent pause..... "Ok!! We just need to break through this plateau.  Maybe you should start exercising. Use your baby as a weight maybe?"
I give her a blank stare. 
Me: "I do exercise. I run quite a bit..."
WW Lady: "Oh, ok.."
Me: "Um, do you think I need to eat my activity points since I am breastfeeding?"
WW Lady: "No, you don't have to..I mean, I don't know."
Me: "Uhhhhh.... Ok? thanks..." walk away totally confused.

I was determined to get into the meeting this week, so I said my NSV, that I ran 7 miles with out walking.  Everyone clapped. It was sweet. I left all 3 boys with my Mom on Friday, and went running. Oh boy it was HOT. I did 4.3 miles.  I almost threw up from the heat.  9 on my schedule for this week.  eeek. 

Cody's party was such a blast.  Lots of people came, and Cody was speechless when he opened the door and saw Spiderman.  First there was shock, then He jumped in his arms.  Unforgettable.

Pictures are worth a thousand words... so here they are.

P.S. I went way over my points this weekend. Lots of water and fruits/veggies today.   

I'm FED up with no progress. Digging down deep this week & asking God to help me. 

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Kelly said...

Say the words you think you cannot say! Hehe. Spidey was always a huge superhero in my house - love him! And your son is just adorable! So maybe you'll try kicking things up a notch this week. And please be careful running in extreme heat! You're not helping urself if you're puking or passing out. Take Gatorade with you, if possible. :-)

Katie said...

Sounds like (and looks like--from the picture) you're building muscle! That's a good thing!!!