Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weigh In & Measurments

This Week: 202.7!! 
Wow, this weekend went by super fast!!! It's already Tuesday! So Saturday I woke up late for my WW meeting, and couldn't go because my husband had to be at Men's Prayer at 8:00am.  I decided to just weigh in at home and add a pound to whatever my scale said since WW scale is consistently 1 pound more than my home scale.  I was super excited when I saw 201.7!!! Wow!! What a great week I had! Finally my body decided to let go of some weight! I was pumped. Then....the long weekend happened. 
Oh boy. I don't know why, but I just ate too much! I grabbed a candy bar for each of us while at the store, at too much of whatever we were eating. Really all for no reason. Then yesterday we went on a hike and of course brought snacks and food, and we celebrated memorial day with smoked sausages. I did do Smart Sausages for myself though. Yesterday we went for a short run at the park, where our boys and dog played. Than we headed to Devil's Punch Bowl to hike.  I ran 1 mile yesterday in 13:44! I was super happy with that.  Burned 151 calories on that run.  On our hike my sweet {enter sarcastic tone} husband decided we needed to go off the trail and go explore. Well of course my boys wanted to do that, and I wasn't about to finish the hike alone! So I kicked and moaned the whole time we were off the trail. Nice company I am, I know. ;) It was a lot of fun and we made great memories. I burned 888 calories!! Whoot! That's worth it to me! :) I also lost another inch off my stomach too for a total of 4.5 inches off my stomach in 2 months 1 week. Yay! AND.....4 days until our half marathon!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! I am nervous and excited and anxious!!! Now I have to figure out how to get some good burns in this week to burn off all I ate this weekend with out using my legs....my legs are on REST! Lucky for me my husband found a punching bag at a garage sale for extremely cheap...I'm talking CHEAP. what a blessing! Ok, gotta go...my boys are doing all sorts of things they shouldn't be doing!
Hope you all had a great memorial day!! 
Love, The Curvy Housewife

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Jamie said...

YEA!!! You look great and I am so glad you got to enjoy some time with your family!