Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weigh In

Last week: 205.6
This week: 205.0

Words can not describe my frustration. Yes I know I lost, yes at least it's not a gain. But losing .6 pounds in 4 weeks is unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE!!

It just is! It's like I'm working so hard just to maintain. I'm wasting money I already paid to be losing weight with Weight Watchers. Something has to change. I'm just not sure what.

Heading to Santa Monica now to attempt running 10 miles. it'll be wonderful to de-stress, with a beautiful view. I'm going to be doing a lot of thinking & praying while I run.

Congrats to Kelly on losing 101 pounds! You're awesome girl!

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Staci's Slimdown said...

How would you feel if you GAINED 0.6? You would be horribly upset! So be overly EXCITED that you LOST 0.6! Yaaayyyy!!! You're breast feeding, you're running like crazy, etc. You have a lot of different factors going on in your life. I know just when I walk too much sometimes, my muscles tend to swell and hold water. I can't imagine what b/fing does to your hormones and your body's response to weight loss. I can completely understand why you're disappointed, but just try not to be. I gain like a COW when I breast feed, so to me you're a hero... LOSING WHILE B/FING? No way! :) And at least you didn't maintain. I think if you had maintained you might would've punched your computer screen. LOL Enjoy your run, destress, keep focused, and the weight will come off, even if it comes off slowly. Slow losses are easier to maintain. Remember that! Have a good weekend.

Kelly said...

Adrienne, are you tracking everything? I say at the next meeting, show your tracker to your leader. And maybe you two can discuss changing it up a little.

Kelly said...

P.S. Thanks for the shout out!