Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Countdown-34 days till D day

Wow wow wow.  34 days until baby boy #4 is "Due".  I know he could come before, most likely after, but wow....that's soon!  I'm finally thinking about the birth and what I want.  My perfect birth would go like this....

Halloween day (my favorite OBGYN works Thursday nights) I would start getting mild contractions early in the day, about 20 minuets apart.  I don't know if it's labor because I've never had a labor start with contractions (just water breaking), so I ignore it.  

A few hours later they are 10 minuets apart, still not "painful" but getting uncomfortable.  I get a burst of energy and clean and get ready.  By the time hubby gets home from work I am positive I am in labor.  Totally excited that my water hasn't broken. 

My Mom will be there, now hubby is home, and I get in the bath.  Ahhhh relief (so everyone says, with Reece the bath sent me to the moon with intense contractions!).  

An hour later I get out, can't talk through contractions anymore, must move.   I get dressed, get the boys dressed in their costumes for trick or treating, and send them with Grandma.  I think I should go with them and walk...but then another contraction hits and oh no...I'm staying here with the hubby, bouncing on the birth ball.  

An hour later the boys come back from trick or treating and are so excited for their brother to be born!!! I am very uncomfortable, but it's not like it was with Reece.  When there is no water bag to cushion the contraction all I can describe it as is "raw" unbearable pain. 

Grandma bathes the boys and puts them to bed.  Since I'm all packed and ready for hospital I lay down and try to relax my entire body like the Bradley book says.  Contractions are 5 mins apart and I think, "This is awesome!".  I've never had breaks between contractions.  My OB says to go in when they are 5 mins apart but I decide to lay down because I'm sure I am not gonna be as far as I hope I am, and I do NOT want to be waiting at the hospital for hours and hours to dialate. 

By now it's been about 12 hours since my first contraction and they are getting more intense.  Trying to relax my whole body.  Breathing.  I decide, it's time to go!!! 

The car ride is not so fun.  But luckily we only  live a few miles away. 

Get to the hospital around 10:00pm, it's good and quiet.  I get checked in quickly, the nurses are sweet and remember me from bringing them cookies.  (I did just bring them cookies last week!! LOL) 

I'm DREADING getting checked because I am scared my water will break. 
"Please be careful...please don't break my water....."

Contractions are more intense, and more often.  Ouch....ok this hurts.  Don't touch me.  Ok contraction over, you can check me.  

"Wow....You're 9cm!!!" 

"Yessssss!!!!!!!" I shout to everyone.  "This is awesome."  Oh ouchie another contraction.  Still only half as bad as with my previous dry labors.  

"She's a 9! Let's get her in a room!" I hear the nurse shout.  Moans from other ladies in triage because I get a room first. {Sorry ladies}.  

Being wheeled to the room I feel the urge to push.  My water still hasn't broken.  Totally giddy that this is happening, I tell my husband the baby is coming.  He panics a bit and yells "The baby is coming!"  

"Don't push! Page the doctor!"  

Trying hard not to push, ok this is the worst part.  My body wants to push....(always hear ladies say that lol).   I'm squeezing my legs together.  I have to get on the delivery bed....I'm worried if I stand up the baby will come out.  Shake my head, no no that won't happen.  Oh gosh another big contraction...totally feel the baby coming!!!! 

Get on the bed, doctor runs in, washes up, I'm feeling lots of pressure but no "ring of fire" (this is a fiction remember?), I push twice and baby's head is out! Oh it's kinda tough to get his shoulders out...don't remember the other boys being this difficult.  

One more push! Gah!! The pain! Whew....relief. He's born in the Caul (water bag)!!! Amazing! The doctor breaks the tough bag and the baby starts crying! He's on my chest! I'm feeling amazing!!! They don't cut the cord until it stops pulsing, and he stays on my chest.  He had dark brown hair! :) 

When they weigh him we are all shocked to find out he weighs 9 lbs 4 oz! No wonder it was hard to push his shoulders out... 

I didn't tear, I feel great! Deliver big healthy placenta, my husband and I admire our new baby, and I start to breastfeed him, he latches right on.  I can get up right away to pee.  Wow, this was awesome.  The End.  

I almost want to laugh right now.... ;)  That's so the OPPOSITE of all the my other births! I desperately want a birth like that, and if you have had a birth like that then....no fair. 

Mine go more like: "Oh crud my water just broke!".  We scramble to get ready (or in Reece's case I'm in town by myself with a dead cell phone...).  Panic, panic...it's gonna start hurting.  Hurry up, get to hospital. 

Always a LAME-O 4cm when I get to the hospital. Dang.  By now contractions are already full blown 12 out of 10 pain scale... lasting one minuet long, coming every minuet.  Can't catch my breath or focus on relaxing.  Not getting any breaks.  I have had nice nurses and rude nurses.  I have had to wait in triage like this for 3 hours with Cody.  Wanting to punch someone, but to stiff to move..."Don't touch me!" is all I can say.  Must get IV and all that business.  I finally get to my room, beg for an epidural. 

Epidural man comes..."You can't move...stop moving!" want to punch him in the face too.  But I don't, because he has the means to make me feel no pain.  Ahhhh finally relief!!! 15-30 minuets go by, I'm ready to push.  What the?? 4-10 in 15-30 mins?? Yes thank you epidural for finally allowing me to relax so my body can dialate.  Push for only a few minuets (Shane 25 mins of pushing, Cody 3 minuets of pushing, Reece 7 minuets of pushing).   Healthy beautiful baby boys.  :)

I've loved all my births.  I've been blessed to have minimal complications (just a lot of pain the whole time).   

We will see in a month and a week or two how this labor goes..... eeeekkkkk!

How were your labors? Painful the whole time? Gradual? 


Lisa said...

I've only had the one. I started light contractions the night before (she was due 9/25 - this was 9/27) I woke up early on 9/28 and told Mom we should go. We were both in the Navy at the time and hubby (now-ex) was out to sea. We got to the hospital at 6am-ish and I was at like 8 cm then. They gave me the epidural, broke my water & she was born at 9:52am. I don't remember how long I pushed, but it wasn't long. 8lbs 13oz and the biggest, bluest eyes I'd ever seen. ~melt~
I've had hangovers that were worse than this - which is why I don't drink much anymore! LOL!

Lauryn Roth said...

good luck girl i hope you have your perfect one this time~!!! lol

Pemberton Family said...

HAHA this post just made me laugh. Yes I agree the contraction pain is so much different after your water breaks. With all three boys I had my water break first and then labored which makes it way harder! I was lucky with my last birth, I labored until 8cm and then the dr finally broke my water because the baby's head was still so high and they thought that would speed things up and push her down. It worked and an hour later she was born but that last hour was tough! Good luck. I can't wait to hear the name. Were your other boys born early or late? How much did they weigh? You should post all that information too sometime:). My boys were 8lbs 9oz (3 days early), 7lbs 6oz (3 weeks early), 7lbs 9oz (3 days early) and my little girl was 8lbs 10oz (5 days late). Lots of variation and my 2nd coming 3 weeks early totally threw me off because I thought the rest of my kids would be born much earlier. You just never know! Can't wait to hear the news.

The Skinny on Staci said...

With #1, I didn't know for sure if I was even having contractions. Went to OB to be checked since I wondered and was 6 days past due date. I was 5 cm dilated and was sent to the hospital. No pain whatsoever, but I freaked out and got an epidural. Then had to have pitocin because this was taking forever. Got admitted at noon, delivered at 11:33 pm. :( Two hours of pushing, 9 lb, 10 oz baby, lots of stitches from an episiotomy. Blah.
Second was induced 1 week early, as dr was hoping for under 9 pounds. Lol I was on pitocin from start to finish, 0 pain at all with no meds of any kind until the pain began at 9 cm. Then it was bloody murder screaming for a few. Never did have any kind of pain meds. I hate how your eyeballs feel like they will pop out during pushing! LOL Amazing feeling when she was out, though, and I had done it without the epidural.
Baby #3 was just like #2, only I didn't do any bloody murder screaming this time. With #2 and #3, I didn't allow them to break my water until I was at least 5-6 cm. I didn't want to walk into a C-section.
#4 was induced. I was in severe pain from 3 cm on. Had an epidural, felt better, left paralyzed for 3 months with no one knowing if I would ever walk again. Don't worry - it was nerve compression bilaterally, not epidural. Lol Turns out the nerve compression is actually why I had such severe back pain - we just didn't know it at the time. :(
If I ever had another, I didn't want to be induced at all. I wanted to do like with #1. I never had another stitch or tear after her, even with my 9 lb, 7 oz #4 at 39 weeks. However, now that I have lost both tubes to ruptured ectopic pregnancies, I am not able to have another. I always think, "I wish I would've..." about my previous births. No matter how your little boy gets here, all that matters is that he gets here. I hope you get what you are wishing for, though!

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