Friday, September 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby!

Or.....LACK thereof! I have been waiting for nesting to kick in and it's not.  I have a nesting dysfunction. It's broken.  There is so much we need (after 3 boys using all the same stuff we need a lot! car seat, double stroller, a breast pump, socks, diaper bag, ect) and so much to do. 

I need to get the swing, bassinet, and pack N play out of the garage, washed and set up.  I need to wash and sort all the newborn/baby clothes, organize the baby's room which is such a hazardous area at the moment with all my photography props and equipment stuffed in the closet.

AND....I need to figure out where the baby is going to sleep.  In our room for a few months, yes.  But after? Sigh. Idaknow.

Reece sleeps in the crib in Shane and Cody's room, but all of Reece's clothes are in his room/the nursery.  I don't have Reece in his room because it's at the front of the house with a big window and it scares me to have him in there.  Ok I know I'm crazy. 

Anyways, so much to do.  5 weeks to do it in. 

Thanks for reading this lame, unproductive post. 

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Can you put the new baby in a room with either the oldest or the youngest? When our 4th was born, we put him in a room with our youngest daughter. It took her a bit to adjust to not being with the older kids like before, but I built her up to thinking she was the BIG sister and "got" to sleep with the baby, etc. They are 23 months apart, and they are totally BFFs. It will all work itself out naturally. Don't stress too much! We also had to get new stuff for baby #4. I kept my same high chair and found a new cover for it on ebay. The cover was old and stained and cracked, but the high chair was in great shape. Instead of buying a co-sleeper or bassinet, I used a playpen right against the bed that had a netting and pad to make it up high for newborns. Love, love, loved my travel swing. It was the only swing we had since we could take it to every room, upstairs or down, and also take it on trips to the park, etc. It lasted through all 4 kids, and then I still sold it for $10. Such a good investment. Found a great double stroller at a consignment sale. I never was able to pump, so I never had one of those. We got a new car seat after baby #2 and used it for 3 and 4 then sold it. I always got neutral colors on major purchases like that so we could use it for either sex. Nothing more precious than pulling out old baby clothes and remembering all your other babies in them. :)) Enjoy your productive day today!