Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A very strange thing is happening. I've noticed people have been looking at me more. Okay well... just men. [Shhhh!] Awkward subject here. And yes I already told Davey. He already knew because he is one of them.

I feel awkward. I am a happily married, modest, Christian, still very curvy housewife.
This week it's been happening more. At first I thought, "Um... is there something on my face!?" then I noticed they were kinda smiling...and... well.... I found myself with a disgusted look on my face. Like I was giving them a dirty look. Which I was. Then I would touch my bangs with my left hand waving my blingage around.

I am nothing too look at. I really think some men are just pervs. You know!? Like, c'mon buddy. I'm driving a mini van and there are two car seats in the back. Really?

I use to get some looks before the weight came on. I think I mentioned this before, but my Mom would always say out loud, in a New York accent (and I never knew why), "Take a Picture, it will last you longer!" whenever a guy was looking at me, and it was always loud enough so they could hear it. Embarrassing? I think so.
Note to self: don't do that to daughter. But also, don't let boys look at daughter.

Let me get one thing straight. It's not like every man is falling at my feet when I walk by. But it's a few looks, and it's a few more than I am use to. I don't like attention, especially when it's from a creep. I am not wearing clothes that invites looks, maybe they are admiring my hair. They wish they had some, because they are bald.

A ladies gym would really benefit for things like this.

I'm feeling uncomfortable, and weird to say, missing flying under the radar like when I was bigger. Odd. Never thought I would say that. MAYBE I am totally wrong, and they are actually thinking, "What a beast!". Hmmm.. maybe this whole post was un-necessary.

How do you comment on a post like this? I don't know, but please, oh please, do.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Anonymous said...

Its funny, I feel the same way. I'm not really sure if men are paying more attention to me, but I'm actually more uncomfortable and I monitor my reactions a lot more than when I was hiding under all that weight. Its nice to know its not just me!!

blondevue... said...

You make me smile. I feel like any guy who looks at me is a creep too. (they usually really are!) I don't have a solution, just wanted to comment and say it bothers me to. Sorry girl. Glad your husband is noticing how good you're looking too! :D

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Let a guy chime in here. Men are visual. Get over it. :) We like to look at pretty women. That doesn't mean we are a perv or want to take you from your husband/boyfriend. We like to look. Take the compliment!!

Personally, I love it when men look at my wife and wonder what she is doing with that loser (me). Chalk one up for the goofy guy!!

Jennifer said...

"...Like I was giving them a dirty look. Which I was. Then I would touch my bangs with my left hand waving my blingage around." hahaha


My mom would yell the same things when I was younger.

I am a little oblivious bc I try not to pay attention to strangers, but my fiance likes to remind me I need to pay attention and be careful around strangers. hahaha

"...missing flying under the radar like when I was bigger..." That is VERY common and there are a lot of women out there that gain weight on purpose to push men away BECAUSE men are so visual.

Anyway, thanks for being real!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I agree w/ the Lazy Triathlete - take the looks as a compliment. You can't know if the guy who's looking at you is a perv or a creep or just a regular guy who is appreciating a pretty woman. Don't judge them for looking; instead, be thankful for your progress and flattered by the compliment!

Adrienne said...

Thank you all for your comments!! I agree with all of you. Thank you Lazy Triathlete for giving a male perspective! Your right, they are not all creeps. I just always assume any guy that would look my way is because before I was big and no "attractive" guys did.
I'm glad I'm not alone on this subject too! Thank you all again! I feel better now. :)

Life is fun Here said...

"....maybe they are admiring my hair. They wish they had some, because they are bald." Girl, I just about spit out my tea!!!! Some men are pervs (not all)....just keep waving the bling :)


Adrienne said...

LOL thank you Ilsa!!! I just love you. ;)

Kelly said...

As you lose weight, you no longer have the flab to hide behind anymore. That safety net or comfort is gone. But you're beautiful & lovely to look at. So just take it in stride, girl!

Adrienne said...

Awww thank you Kelly. :) So are you!

Lyndsay said...

I remember one time in high school, when I was still thin, this really creepy 40-50 year old was staring at me in a gas station convenience store, and my friends dad actually walked up to him and told him off. You totally just reminded me on this incident.

I completely understand where you're coming from...and now that I think about it, it is a little scary to go back to that. There are so many creepers in today's world. But, at least in my case (as a currently single girl), it can sometimes give me that extra boost in confidence too.

Adrienne said...

Oh my that is creepy! Yes some guys are very yucky! Usually the ones that are obvious are the creepy ones too huh?

Amanda said...

Take it as a compliment. Be proud of all the hard work you have done! It might not always be creepy, men just like to look. Now if they start grabbing, yea that's BAD!

Hold your head up high, smile and enjoy the ride!!!

Amanda said...

BTW...new reader here and I enjoy your blog! Keep up the fantastic work.