Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting FAT but I have energy!

I haven't gained any more weight, but I just FEEL like I'm getting fat. Maybe because I tasted the mid 160's for a week. Now I'm back where I was since I'm eating plenty (always a good thing while pregnant).

It's getting closer to summer and I'm realizing just how fat I still am. My body is white, & flabby! So. Right now I'm laying out in my back yard (it's hot!). Tan fat is better than white fat.

I also convinced my husband to get a family membership to the YMCA. Yay! We went yesterday & I started teaching the boys to swim! Cody (3) totally surprised me & can already swim w no life jacket!! He can go about 6-8 feet then he starts to sink lol. But he's ready to go again right after! Shane (5) sinks right away & panics lol! But man he swam a ton with the life jacket on. Reece had a blast just being in the water.

We can't buy the family membership for 3 weeks but we are enjoying this week free. I went today and walked 15 mins on the treadmill then did 20 mins of weights at a pretty quick pace. Felt soooo good!!! This mama is back at it and ready for my fittest pregnancy yet.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gaining weight

I've gained back almost all 9 pounds of which I lost while very sick a few weeks ago....I know I had no fluids, no food, nothing in me and it wouldn't last, but I HATE seeing the scale go up! UGH.  I am not ready to update my little My Fitness Pal tracker that I am gaining weight while pregnant {which is normal!}.  I feel like I'd be going backwards.

Ok so I'm in denial.

I need to go walking! And stop eating so many carbs! BUT.....That's all I want.  I gag at the thought of eggs, chicken, meat, ect. WEIRD. That's almost all I was eating before I got pregnant!

My ten year high school reunion is coming up in June and I don't want to go looking like a fat pregnant lady! :( Sad how looking/feeling so good, can change so quickly because my stomach is now bigger, and at that stage of, "is she pregnant or is she fat?" Stupid stage.

I had a prenatal apt the other day and I told the DR I was showing quickly this time and she said, "Well that happens when it's #4, especially when we don't do anything to get rid of the stomach we get from pregnancy." I said, "I've lost 80 pounds!!!" She said, "Wow that's good! I meant....our uterus is very stretchy..." um be quiet you butt  munch! Breath. Sorry for the out burst ;)

Ok gotta go do laundry and clean house. Fun stuff.  I want to bake cookies instead. But I won't.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back at it

Time to start working out again, and watching my food intake! These last couple weeks I've been eating what ever I want {including fast food!} & I've gained back 5 of the pounds I lost while super sick.
It's really a big issue for me...because we don't have a lot if money, & my husband gets upset when I buy fast food. So not only am I eating crud, I'm doing what he asked me not too. :-( 13 weeks pregnant and suddenly no self control! Ugh.

So bad at sticking to schedules. Even ye thought of them makes me depressed LOL
But I know I'd benefit from them if I could just stick to it. I made a schedule and planned that Monday's, Thursdays, and Fridays I'd take the boys to the park to ride their bikes and I'd walk.

I actually made myself leave at 10am this morning! That's a big deal for me.
I tried to sleep on the couch this morning while the boys watched a cartoon, but did you know it's like impossible to sleep with 3 little boys ages 1-5 in the same room?

I feel much better though for walking..even though it took us an hour to do a mile LOL
We are teaching Shane how to ride his bike with out training wheels, and he got it right away! But he falls often and needs help getting going again..
We also played at the park for a bit during that hour.

I told Shane if he didn't quit even though he kept falling, I'd get him a pizza and soda {his favorite!!}. He didn't quit! He was determined. Proud of him. He rode the whole mile. So I bought a $5 pizza and soda...so bad I know! That's it though!! NO MORE FAST FOOD!!!!!

I feel cruddy when I eat all kinds if junk. My teeth are really bothering me again, TMJ is flared up, I'm lethargic, and I know the gluten is having its toll. Need to cut back.
Pic from today :)

Praying for you Staci! Xo

Love The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am soooo............slleeeepppyy....fdajndalajkfd fh v nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. OOps, sorry I feel asleep there for a sec.

I'm 12 weeks now (whoot!) but still my energy has not returned! I can't drink coffee because I gag at the thought, therefore I am exhausted...all.day.long.  I also gag at the thought of most veggies, so carrots, and oranges have been the only fruits and veggies I've been eating! Yesterday I had an apple too. I take my vitamins and supplements and still so so tired.

Good news though, Reece is down to just 1-2 nursings a day! ANNNDDD he's slept in hic crib the last 5 nights in a row :) Night #4 he cried for 15 mins then slept ALL night until 6:30am! Last night he cried for only 10 mins, but woke up at 3am and cried until 4am. :( That is the WORST. It's so hard not to run in there and cuddle him, back that set him way back and we've made too much progress! He's a happier baby now! Yesterday he was so funny and playful and not as whiny and clingy. What a blessing. 

I've got lots of errands to run today...need energy! Help me Lord!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Bump

Last week I wasn't showing at all. I woke up one day this week looking 5 months pregnant. Thank you stretchy uterus. With each baby I show earlier & look further along! I'm 3 months now. Yes there's only one. Maybe it's because I've been eating like an elephant that just got out if fat camp. For real. Always. Hungry. Now.

Which reminds me. I must go eat before church.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Re-introducing Gluten

Please don't read this post if you are going to judge me :) Thank you! lol I know a lot of people are going to wonder why I would re-introduce gluten, and I know....it's better for me with out it.  And no, I don't want to eat it all the time.  I know what it does to me.  I just want to be at the point where I can be exposed to it and be terrified of sickness. Or go eat out at a restaurant and not have to stress to them 500 times that they have to wash their pans before cooking my foods. 

So here's hows it going.  Last week I ate one Kit Kat bar my sis in law left, not realizing it had wheat in it. Two days later I had "gluten pain" and was hunched over on the potty.  A demented voice in my head said, "Hm..now you've been exposed to it, maybe you should try eating a little bit every other day and see what happens."  Stupid voices with their ideas. ;)

So I did that.  I started with oatmeal.  Oatmeal doesn't actually have gluten in it but people with gluten intolerance can't it it because it's usually contaminated.  So I thought half a bowl, and we will see! Well a couple days later I was still pain free....Hmmmm.....So next time I added two bites of wheat bread and oatmeal.  Still went relatively pain free. {nothing major at all just a little painful gas here and there}. I also had a headache one night.  The next time was a bite of bagel, then 1/4 of my husbands burrito {which was amazing btw}, then a whole bagel, and last night corn bread with my chili.  So far so good and I'm kinda shocked.  I was very much anticipating much more pain & sickness. 

I've still been eating all my gluten free meals for the most part, and I will continue too.  I've been craving smoked cheese, orange juice, carrots and hummus like a mad women! That's been my staple as of the last few days.  And I still haven't had a donut! I'm proud of myself for that one....

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weigh In 11 weeks pregnant

Last Thursday (last time I stepped on the scale) I was 165.3!!! Whoa. That's just about 80 lb loss! I have NOT been trying these last 10 lbs.

I am so glad to have kicked that stomach bug finally (only took 9 days!!).  Two more weeks until I'm in the 2nd trimester.  I can't wait to not be so tired, nauseous, depressed (yes my hormones are mad wacky), weepy, and I'm ready to have an appetite again!

Right now I absolutely don't want anything to eat besides the few things I crave. I can't even look at a plate of food that isn't what I want! LOL
There are only a few things I have been craving that I can eat, a turkey sandwich on gluten free bread, with mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes, and Honey Chex gluten free cereal. Everything else I crave has gluten...:( which makes me VERY depressed.  I want the stupidest things: donuts, brownies, Jack in the Box Tacos, ravioli, and......my biggest craving.....WALNUT SHRIMP!!!! Oh yum. But so sad.

I am seriously considering reintroducing gluten back into my diet. It's soooo frustrating to have to always make sure nothing has gluten, and the price of a loaf of bread is $5!! I mean....it's so inconvenient.  Saturday morning I got sick with "gluten pain" and I couldn't think for the life of me what I ate. Then I remembered that two days before I ate 1 bar of a Kit Kat. I went and looked at the package...WHEAT FLOUR! Ugh! One dumb little bar. Then a crazy thought, what if I keep eating just a little bit at a time and see if the pain will subside after a time? But do I really want to eat something that will hurt my body again?

Last night we went to the gym of our church for a fellowship time and I thought* I got everything gluten free...then I found out pudding has flour in it. Yikes! I skipped all the brownies and cookies and the dumb pudding got me! I was a little mad so I ate a little piece of sugar cookie...gulp...so far today I've been ok, but pain could come tomorrow....prayerfully not. We will see. 

Reece is finally taking a bottle of vit D milk!!! yay! even though he may be old for a bottle...I am just glad he is nursing a lot less. And soon he will be totally weaned. We are still working on him sleeping through the night. 

You know what....I don't know if it's the pregnancy or what but lately I just want to abandon all the things I'm interested and passionate about.  I'm not enjoying my photography that much, I haven't touched any of the books I've boughten on health and nutrition, and I am wavering in my faith of "clean eating" and "natural health".  Sounds like depression doesn't it?

Well I try SO hard to keep us all healthy, eat less processed foods, eat organic, ect ect, and we still got the evil death virus, and then we all got a cold after.  I'm a little bitter about it all.  I KNOW processed foods are bad.  I KNOW nutrition matters.  I KNOW gluten is bad for me.  But it's not motivating me...does this make sense? I look at my friends that cook delicious foods full of not so good stuff, and brownies for desert and I think, "Why can't I just do that? Why do I have to have health issues with bad food and they don't?" Truth is a lot of them do, and people struggle with their own demons, but I just want to NOT WORRY ABOUT IT for a little while.....sigh.  My husband is acting like I'm an alcoholic that wants to start drinking again! I bought hot dogs and chips and he was like, "what's going on here? Don't quit!" LOL
I don't want to quit and eat a bunch of crud, I just want to not have to stress about it so much....for a time...

I am reaping great things!!! I mean, my friends see me and say, "whoa!". My sister in law who hadn't seen me since Christmas came over last week and she said, "Oh my gosh! Adrienne! you look anorexic!" LOL um thank you?
DID I MENTION that I healed a cavity too!? Yes! I was using a dental scrapper a couple weeks ago and the decay of one of my tooth with a good size cavity scrapped right out!!! I'm not lying! All clean smooth white tooth under it.  I still have some big ones I am working on. More about that soon. 
So I know clean eating, healthy living really does reap great things.  But right now I just want to stay in my PJ's, watch a girl movie, and eat a box of donuts. Mkay?