Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It's been almost a week since I quite dieting. It's amazing what a week can do! I find myself getting a little ansy to weigh myself or to lower my calorie goal (I'm not weighing myself and I'm just logging all my food). 
I decided every morning I am going to pray for God to help me eat what He wants me to and to eat the right amount. 

I am starting to see food for what it is. Fuel. I went to the gym this morning and did 9am Body Pump. Gosh I love that class. I was finally not sore from last weeks body pump and then there I was increasing my weights! 
It was a tough class. I'm pretty sure My face looked like I was giving birth durning squats. Before I went I ate a quick bowl of oatmeal. When I got home I knew I needed something to help my muscles recover. But the baby was crying and needed to nurse so I grabbed some water and a coffee and a few vanilla wafers.  I looked at the vanilla wafers and I thought, "I don't even want these. I just worked so hard and I want to give my body some protein". 
Ah ha! I can't beleive it! My brain is changing! 
I got a little light headed while nursing Will . I think it was the hard work out and then the baby nursing I needed water and protein. So I made scrambled eggs with kale (used the food processor for the kale. Best invention for veggie haters ever), and cheese. With a piece of organic toast. I am so happy and I feel great. 
I really love the Y. I'm so thankful for the good child care they provide. I feel guilty sometimes going but than I know it's good for me to take an hour to myself and it's good for my family to have a healthy wife/mom. 
Yesterday was suppose to be an off day but I was craving some cardio. I was still sore in my quads so I decided to swim laps. It was AMAZING. Clean water, beautiful day, and I was able to do 50 laps! I couldn't really believe I did that many. I wanted to go 45 mins and that's how many laps I did in that time. 
It's so nice to de-stress. 
On Sunday my friend asked me if I have lost weight. She said I looked like I have lost a lot. Wow! Then I posted a photo to Instagram ---> follow me btw cause I post a lot on there :) and she said I look like I've lost weight and wanted to know how much! Whoo hoo! Progress is more than the scale. 
I may weigh myself July 1 and be the same number but I won't be the same as I was June 1. I'll be stronger, a little healthier, & have a better relationship with food. 


Kimberlynn @ mindingmyway.blogspot.com said...

I'm so encouraged to hear you say you're praying each morning for God's guidance. It sounds like you're on a great path. Keep up the great work...so proud of you. BTW...I'm getting closer to blogging again. I'll keep you posted.

April Price said...

50 laps! Good for you Adrienne! It's so freeing to not be on a diet!