Saturday, June 14, 2014

This Skirt.

I fit into a....wait for it..... Non maternity, jean, size 14 skirt!!! 6 weeks ago I was an 18/20 at Lane Bryant. 

I was ordering a skirt from old navy and I selected a size 18. I decided I better try on a skirt I have first because all mine are XL. I pulled out this jean skirt I hadn't worn since early in my pregnancy with Will, looked at the size and though "no way". Put it on, zipped it, and it fit! Here's a pic.
See, I'm very excited because even though 14 is still not where I want to be, I'm seeing results quickly!! And to think, if I were still dieting...starting stopping starting stopping I wouldn't be working out. Which is what is giving me results! 

It's been 11 days no dieting. I know I didn't lose 2 sizes in that short time but maybe 1!! I still feel really good mentally. I'm looking into calories zig zagging and I have to really watch that I don't get the diet mentality again. I've been faithful to log my food every day. It's becoming a habit that I do. I'm very happy because I know I'm not on a diet. Hard to explain. But it's kinda like when someone tells you, you should do something but the rebel in you doesn't want to because they suggested it even though it's a good idea. But if YOU thought of it yourself, then well, it's a BRILLIANT idea! Lol. 

This week in swam on Monday, Body Pump Tuesday, Wednesday I walked/ran at the park with the two littles for 47 mins
Friday Body Pump, today I rollerbladed :) these last body pump class I felt great and I thought I looked smaller. 

I SOOOOO LOVE BODY PUMP. OMGosh I feel so rad when I do it. Even though when I look at myself I'm
Like "Ah! That's scary! Gosh...I'm white. Ew my stomach." But I just look at the teacher and put all the negative thoughts away. Upped my weights both days this week. Progress :) and I'm not as sore. More progress. 

I have food issues I need to work out, but step one: I'm aware of them now. One is over eating. With out thinking I eat way passed full, and even feel sick sometimes from it. Why? I'm not totally sure. Lots of reasons I think. I eat in a hurry and don't realize I'm full until passed full, I'm use to finishing my plate and eating as much as I can because tomorrow starts the diet, and most of all, I snack while cooking/food prepping. Very bad habit! I've noticed lately that I'm not even hungry anymore when we sit down to eat because I've been snacking and tasting too much. Wow! But then I'll eat my dinner because, well, everyone else is eating and I just worked hard to make this meal. 

Gosh this stuff is embaressing to write. I KNOW millions of Americans have food issues like over eating. I mean, %60 of America isn't over weight by NOT eating. But somehow I still feel alone in these issues. Doesn't matter cause I'm putting it all out there now. I am working through them and will come out healthy. 

Praying every morning for God's help to: 1. Make good food choices 
2. Stay with in my calories 
3. To resist sugar cravings better 

I need Him. And I can't believe I've waited so long to tap into my Father's Almighty helping resources.   

Night night ladies. Thanks for reading xo 


Staci Moize said...

I think you look smaller in the yellow outfit pic at the gym! Working out is definitely helping you. You are burning SO many calories!!! Keep going!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

That's such exciting news!! Congrats. You're such a good role model for your family and an inspiration to so many others by working for it and sharing your journey. :) Happy for you. Jess

Sara said...

Wondering if you have heard of the books by Jeanne Roth.... really great books that deal with emotional eating and the "non diet" mentality. I have found full chapters online and they are always stocked at public libraries!