Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three weeks no dieting!

I say it every post but overcoming dieting will be a long road. For instance, I'm itching to weigh myself. But I don't think I've lost weight and I don't want to feel disappointed. I have made lots of mental progress.  

I want to be wise with my words...I don't ever want to have the mentality that I'll NEVER have pizza or a brownie again. That's what I thought every diet. That thinking is the enemy. Because hello, is that true? Probably not. And all that does is make me want to eat all the pizzas and brownies in the world. 

I didn't feel that way about pizza and such on WW because you CAN eat anything. But once I over ate at a meal and knew my points were shot, I'd blow it the rest of the day. 

I ultimately want to eat good that fuels and nourishes my body. It's a process..

Ok, so no more good restrictions or quanity restrictions. 

When I quit dieting June 4, I freed myself from the chains of food! Nothing is off limits! I can eat ANYTHING I want to. Wow. Take away the deprivation and then I don't really care about any foods in particular. This is huge progress!!!! Honestly, I haven't even been eating chocolate everyday {can you believe that?}. 

So I can eat whatever I want and how much I want. Ok great. How do I lose weight? I am 70ish pounds over weight still and need/want it gone NOW, for GOOD.  

I highly recommend the book "Thin Side Out-how to have your cupcake and skinny jeans too". I don't know the name of the author right now, I'm laying down nursing Will :-)

She writes about HDE (Hunger Direct Eating). It's really been helping me. Seems simple but obviously with our busy, stressful, diet filled lives we've lost this inner "thintelegence". 

1. Wait to eat until you are hungry--recognizing true hunger. It's a gentle, hallow feeling on your stomach. 

2. STOP eating when you've had enough fuel. Your food tastes better when you are hungry, and it starts to lose it's taste as you're full. Practice this. {I have a hard time stopping when full}. 

3. Eat what you really want. And then take note of how that food makes you FEEL. {good one for me!!} 

4. Learn how to crave a walk more than a cupcake when you're feeling stressed or emotional. Wow...this one I love. But I have to really practice. She says a 10 min walk elevates your mood, clears your head, and makes you feel better. Where as if you eat the cupcake, you'll feel worse. 

I said I wasn't going to weigh myself or do anything but exercise and log all my food into MFP everyday. I've stuck to that. I love both so much! I feel empowered and yet free. 
 And right now I'm researching ways to "eat to preform". 

I stated half marathon training (well actually C25k to get me going). My last 2 body pump classes I left early because I felt so nauseous! It was horrible. And frustrating. I realized I'm not eating to fuel my work outs and I'm eating to soon before I go. I have fitness goals and I don't want to throw away all my hard work outs away in the kitchen. 

I'm trying to balance researching fuel for my body with OUT thinking of it as dieting.  More on this later. :) here's some pics! Mommy and will went on a 2 mile hole alone :) so peaceful. Don't worry there were lots of people around. 
Played soccer, raced, and pulled the boys for an hour. Good burn! 
Below was this am around 7am, just finished C25k day 1. Loved it because the lady on the app tells you when to walk and run! 

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Kimberlynn @ said...

Way to go Adrienne! It doesn't matter if you've lost or not at this point. You're enjoying the process and feeling free. Enjoy it!