Thursday, February 24, 2011


We are leaving for Tennessee early tomorrow morning!

I am very excited. But. I will really really really really miss my boys. Did I mention, really miss them? Ugh. Hate to leave them.

I am very grateful for this opportunity though and can't wait to meet everyone and see this beautiful state.

I would really appreciate prayers for safety, and for our boys while we are gone. My Mom is flying in to LAX tomorrow early morning, landing at 7:16am. Our plane takes off at 8:30am. So as you can see we only have an hour to find my mom, give her the boys, and get to our gate. LAX is big. Would appreciate prayers for my mom's safety and for an easy transition.

How do they talk there? Talk to ya'll later! (I'm not gonna fit in am I?)

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A very strange thing is happening. I've noticed people have been looking at me more. Okay well... just men. [Shhhh!] Awkward subject here. And yes I already told Davey. He already knew because he is one of them.

I feel awkward. I am a happily married, modest, Christian, still very curvy housewife.
This week it's been happening more. At first I thought, "Um... is there something on my face!?" then I noticed they were kinda smiling...and... well.... I found myself with a disgusted look on my face. Like I was giving them a dirty look. Which I was. Then I would touch my bangs with my left hand waving my blingage around.

I am nothing too look at. I really think some men are just pervs. You know!? Like, c'mon buddy. I'm driving a mini van and there are two car seats in the back. Really?

I use to get some looks before the weight came on. I think I mentioned this before, but my Mom would always say out loud, in a New York accent (and I never knew why), "Take a Picture, it will last you longer!" whenever a guy was looking at me, and it was always loud enough so they could hear it. Embarrassing? I think so.
Note to self: don't do that to daughter. But also, don't let boys look at daughter.

Let me get one thing straight. It's not like every man is falling at my feet when I walk by. But it's a few looks, and it's a few more than I am use to. I don't like attention, especially when it's from a creep. I am not wearing clothes that invites looks, maybe they are admiring my hair. They wish they had some, because they are bald.

A ladies gym would really benefit for things like this.

I'm feeling uncomfortable, and weird to say, missing flying under the radar like when I was bigger. Odd. Never thought I would say that. MAYBE I am totally wrong, and they are actually thinking, "What a beast!". Hmmm.. maybe this whole post was un-necessary.

How do you comment on a post like this? I don't know, but please, oh please, do.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weigh in. Finally!!



I am officially at my pre-pregnancy weight from both my boys.

This is an amazing feeling. 57 pounds gone!!

BUT.... I am very aware that I still have more to go. And I am aware that my body does not look like it did before I had kids. That is frustrating. But my boys are worth it. They are love scares. Ha.

Yesterday I went to the gym and cycled on a Spin Bike on the floor. I did it for 90 minuets and rode 30 miles! I wanted to do 30 miles, but wasn't sure if I could. But I did and I felt amazing. I always make sure my Spin Bike has "road" on it. I never cycle with out tension. And I did some really tough climbs. I was pouring sweat, and people were staring. It was fun!

Tonight we are having a new couple to our church over for dinner. I am making a not too healthy meal of chicken, tortellini, Alfredo sauce, garlic bread, asparagus, and brownies. I do not want to gain weight back. I will be mindful of my portions.

Have a great weekend!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, February 18, 2011


Non Scale Victories for this week.... [Besides my 1 mile PR :)]

1. On our way to Morgan Hill on Tuesday we stopped at McDonald's for dinner. I didn't get anything. I ate my Smart One I had warmed up before we left, and the salad I made for myself. When we got to my in-laws, I didn't eat the delicious looking homemade chili they had. I had already eaten all my calories. I was strong and I succeeded. That NSV gave me so much confidence.

2. On Wednesday I went to the gym with my MIL to do Zumba. The teacher didn't show up, so we did the Spin bikes. I had text a friend to see if she would be there and she came and rode with us. I started with my MIL then when she finished I kept going with my friend who came just a little before that. We talked and caught up and I ended up riding for 73 minuets total and
I rode 20.5 miles
!! That was not all easy breezy flat hills either. I made sure I made it hard and I really got a good sweat.

3. On our way home from Morgan Hill yesterday we stopped for lunch at McDonald's again (dollar menu people). I planned ahead and looked up what I was going to get. [By the way, MyFitnessPat app on iPhone is the best]. I got a Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Snack Wrap, and a Vanilla soft serve ice cream. Snack wrap: 260 cal. Ice cream: 150 cal. Total=410
When we got home I had a big chicken salad for dinner.

4. We had our first weigh in last night for the Biggest Loser competition. 8 people, winner gets $80!! I am praying for everyone that is participating to really lose a good amount of weight in 8 weeks. I'm really excited about it.

Davey's PG&E interview went really well. We are excited to see what the Lord will do between Tennessee or PG&E!
It was so good to see my Mom and all our family. I also got to see my Dad who I haven't seen since September! In my whole life that is the longest I've ever gone with out seeing him. I almost weigh as much as my Mom (yay! but she looks much smaller :)) and I now weigh about 25-30 pounds less than my Dad! Whoo hoo! A girl never wants to weigh more than her parents. Especially her really big body building police chief 6 foot Dad. When I started I out weighed him by about 25 pounds. Yikes.

Weigh in tomorrow morning. Please oh sweet Lord let me be below 189. Please? Thank you. I will be so grateful.

What is your favorite NSV you've had? I want to know. :)

Until tomorrow morning, have a healthy and blessed day!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

P to the R **

PR!! [Personal Record].

I ran 1 mile in 11 minuets 20 seconds. That is 3 minuets faster than my 1/2 marathon (and normal) pace.

I ran 3 miles last night. The first one I was going for a PR. I did 1 mile in 12:15. Although I beat my fastest time by 15 seconds, I really wanted under 12. So the last mile I ran hard, and felt like I was going to die.

Totally shocked at the time when I finished, 11:20. 55 seconds faster than mile 1. Wowsers! I couldn't believe it!

I didn't feel comfortable while doing it though. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could.

BOOYA Self! I beat your 1 mile PR Mrs. Curvy.

So happy.

We are off to Morgan Hill for a very quick trip. Davey has an interview with PG&E up north. We are still hoping and praying for Tennessee. This PG&E thing came really quick and randomly. He's going to follow through in case he doesn't get the job in Tennessee.

OH!! And!!! I started a challenge with my Strength and Beauty meetings. We haven't met in a while, so I invited all the ladies over and their husbands, and anyone that wants to compete we are doing a Biggest Loser challenge. It's 8 weeks, you pay $10, and the person at the end of 8 who has lost the highest % of body weight wins. So far we have 8 players. including two men. I'm super excited and motivated for this. F O C U S E D. Want to win. [Hehe]. Even if I do win I'll probably share the $ with 2nd place since this whole thing was my idea. But it's not about the $, it's about the motivation. We are all excited.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines ♥ [God's love story for me]

"Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows." Luke 12:6-7
Isn't God's love for us amazing?! Happy Valentines Day!! ♥
My Dad still sends me a Valentine card every year. It's so sweet. This year it had some money in it so Davey and I could go out to dinner. So Saturday night Karissa (my sister-in-law) watched the boys for us. We had an amazing date. It was so much fun to just be alone, talk and laugh. And we laughed A L O T. It was an amazing night together.

I couldn't help but reflect on God's goodness in our lives. 6 years ago today, Davey and I went to Chili's for dinner. It was a very difficult night because we had just broken up 10 days before that. We had been dating for almost 5 years on and off but mostly on before that. The Lord was working on my heart, and I knew He wanted us to be apart. So we broke up, and it was the hardest thing I had ever gone through at that time. Since we broke up so close to Valentines day, we decided to still go out to dinner. It was rough. I cried some of the dinner. A few days before that I had decided to follow God's will and I committed in the fall to go to bible college.

I told Davey I was going in August, and he said, and I quote, "Wow. You will be engaged with in 3 months there!" I said, "I know! I'm so excited." [Hehe]. I was heartbroken, and had nothing but God at this time in my life. I had to trust Him, that His will was better than I wanted in my own will. And it was.

About a month later, Davey surrendered to God's call in his life, and also decided to go to bible college. The next 11 months following Valentines day 2005 was extremely difficult. No matter what I did, I could not get over Davey. We were at the same college and I had to see other girls all googly eyed over him. I was the closest to God at this time, as I needed Him to comfort me and give me hope. At this time I clung to God's promise: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God; To them that are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

That promise was so true. God was working on both of us this whole time, preparing us to be together. On January 7, 2006 Davey proposed to me and we were married August 4, 2006. God wanted us to grow in Him first, than be together. And I am so thankful that we both followed God's will for our lives.

February 6, 2008, exactly 3 years to the day that Davey and I broke up in 2005, we gave birth to our first son Shane. GOD IS SO GOOD. His will was more perfect than I could have imagined.

Just like the verse I wrote above, God loves us more than we know! And every Valentines Day, I am so thankful to Him for His wonderful plan.

I surprised Davey for the dinner and took him to Claim Jumpers. Whew. Talk about delicious southern food. My my... it was good.
I was very happy with how I did there. We had an appatizer, which was like fried potato cake things, [so good]. I was full after one, so I stopped. Then I got Parmesan Chicken for my entrée and left this much on my plate!!
Davey didn't leave very much on his plate.
And yes, it's not a Valentines date with out sharing a dessert. Oh my, this Apple Cheesecake was to die for. So good. And... the best part... I only had a few satisfying bites.
I was also very happy that I had no trouble with my Gallbladder after this date. Which makes me realize I am listening to my body and stopping when I should, and not feeling guilty or deprived. Feeling satisfied.
Yesterday was a good day. I stayed on track with my calories and managed to not eat anything after 5:00pm. It was hard, but it helped.
I am excited to go run this evening at the track with my guys. I'm going to a mile PR. Hope my knees hold up.

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all share it with your loved ones, and with the One who loves us most, God.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Friday, February 11, 2011



I have some confessions.

I've already confessed them to God. Now I will confess them to you.

I have a lot of housework to do before my husband gets home tonight.

I have been wearing the same pj's for a few days now. Yes I have showered. But I just put my pj's back on after.

I was feeling really down all week.

Last & worst... last night I tried to binge. In doing so I spent money I shouldn't have.

There. I said it. Here's the dealyo.

In yesterdays post I wrote all about my plan to get off the 190 fence. Well. I was doing really good. Then as the sun went down, I became sad, lonely, discouraged, confused, emotional, and every feeling you can think of. I didn't know why then, but I do now.

I just finished my first half marathon on Sunday! You'd think I'd still be on a high from that. Well, after the excitement from the race and Disneyland, we got home and my husband had to leave for work out of town.

Between the race being over, my husband being gone, and hormones from the female curse, I was down...all week.

I was not motivated to lose weight this week. I couldn't work out because I needed to recover (I was so sore I couldn't if I tried). I ate, then got sadder. Then ate again. Then I made a plan to get out of this rut. But I wasn't ready. Last night was the hardest night this week, and I just wanted to get out of the house. I talked to Davey and told him all I felt (and cried), and he said not to give into my flesh and eat, but to fight it and be strong. He was totally right.

I knew if I went to Walmart I would buy something sweet to eat. I really needed dog food, but I decided I would just give them rice to avoid the temptations of the store. Then I realized we needed something else, so we got dressed and went.

I decided to get a movie to pick me up and take my mind off of everything. Shane saw a Batman cartoon and had to have it. It was cheap so I said ok. Then I got a girlie movie for myself. We hadn't had dinner yet, so I got frozen pizza. Digorno's now has a pizza that comes with cookie dough for the same price! Score. Then we got candy. And chips [Doritos Cool Ranch]. I was getting excited that we were gonna have a little pizza party and watch our movies. I felt better.

When we got home I made the pizza and cookies. I ate some chips while preparing our plates and had 3 cookies before we sat down. I was FULL. "What? Seriously? 3 cookies (small ones) and a handful of chips and I feel so full?". I tried to force myself to eat a piece of pizza and some candy, but I felt like I was going to be sick. So I stopped. Just shows me how far I've come.

Oddly enough, I didn't feel the guilt. I felt like I was treating myself and boys to a fun night. We NEVER do this! They were so excited! When I was pregnant with Cody, this was a regular thing for me and Shane. [I say Shane so I don't feel alone]. But SO much worse.

I can't believe I am writing this. People I know read this. Hey I was pregnant. [Good excuse, I know]. We would get fast food, and donuts and eat and watch a movie, then take a nap together. It was blissful. But so bad. That's how I got to my heaviest weight.

I am SO proud to say. I have NOT done that in over a year. And when I tried I couldn't. My body wouldn't let me. I am going to try everyday to do right. I don't want to give into my flesh and eat. With God's help, He will help me lose the rest of the weight. In His time.

Proverbs 24:16 "For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again...." The key word in this verse is R I S E T H.

There is something I am going to try to add to my healthy habits. I am going to try hard not to eat in the late evening. The summer I got married I weighed 174-172 when we got home from college, I had two months to get into shape for the wedding. My plan was so simple. Work out, and don't eat after 4:00pm. I lost 12-14 pounds in less than 2 months, weighing 159.7 the day I was married.I know not eating after 4:00pm is a little extreme, but I am going to try my best to not eat too late. Sometimes we eat dinner at 7:30pm. The longer you have to burn off the food you ate before you go to bed the better.
I am feeling much better. I am encouraged in the Lord. Hopeful I will have a good week, and excited to see the scale go down again. The truth is...I've come so far. I am posting these photos to help me see just how far I've come!

Oh, and new readers... I am NOT always a downer. So thanks for bearing with me.

October 2009.

November 2010.
November 2009.

December 2010.January 2010. November 2010. November 2009. November 2010. August 2010
January 2011. July 2009July 2010
Start of Journey.
July 2009.Feburary 2011.
Down 55 lbs.
I know I will get back on track, and I feel so much better. I've come so far, I won't give up now.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Attack-My plan to get off the 190 fence.

I've been going back and forth and back and forth from 189.6 to 192. I know. It's my fault. I admit it. There are plenty of reasons why I have not gone below 189. I won't bore you with them since they all have to do with being inconsistent. In December I made a weigh in chart, starting with January. Each week I lose I get a sticker. Jan 15 I was 189, then 191.6 than 189 for two straight weeks, and today I weighed in, at 192. Maybe because I am currently entertaining a guest named Aunt Flow.

Bottom line. This relationship with 190's has got to end. It's like 189 keeps going back to her ex that knows he's so bad for her. But she's so comfortable with him, so it's so easy to go back. Well, 189 has gotten T I R E D of mister 190's. She's ready to move onto a healthier relationship, even though that means being uncomfortable for a little while.

My plan, is to be healthy about this plan. At first I thought, "I have to do something drastic, like eat 600 calories tomorrow." Immediately I knew that's not right. That is what crazy yo-yo dieter/bingers do. That is not going to be me! So I've decided to forgo this weigh in on Saturday seeing as I weighed today and it's that time of the month anyways. Then I am going to eat my normal caloric goal of 1,200 calories a day through Sunday to just stabilize my metabolism, and my mind, and still be under my BMI (1,600). Monday when I am not as sore, and can work out, I will eat 1,000 for a kick in the pants. Then Tuesday through Saturday (weigh in day) I will eat the normal 1,200 calories a day again. Hope this will help get me past this dreaded number, and not be unmanageable.

OH. And...GULP. I NOT....weigh my self until a week from this Saturday. Oh my. I can't believe I typed that out loud. It may drive me crazy, but I think it's necessary.

I read over at Real Fat this post about a recent weight gain on her weigh in day (found her blog on Sara's blog list, and love it). She is a godly example of how to lose weight. She came to terms that a 1.5 gain is what it is and no big deal. I was surprised to read that from her because to me she is super successful! Check out her before and afters.

So now I don't feel as bad. I'm not the only one that struggles or gets stuck. But I am ready to move on from this "plateau" [self induced plateau that is].

I really want to say no to temptation, and to be consistent for a good length of time and see what happens. I don't deprive myself. If I want a brownie I eat it. Sometimes that is a good thing I think. I have not binged in a really long time. What was the cause of binging? The idea that I would NEVER be able to eat a brownie again. I know now that is so far from the truth. I will eat lots of brownies in my life. So no need to eat the whole pan today.

But there is a line here. If I give in to one brownie, it's not a big deal. But my mind gets crazy...I think, "There goes the whole day." Again, not true! That is why a brownie can get me in trouble. So even though I won't go eat the whole tray of brownies after having one
or two... I will stop tracking my calories for the day and go over them, even if it is with healthy food. I have lots of learning to do still. I need a Jillian moment. I'm close to a brake through, I can feel it.

And ya know, I can see how my ups and downs could be really annoying, but this is a REAL weight loss journey. I am a Mom to two small boys, a wife to a husband that does need me, and a busy homemaker. Life happens, and it is what it is. I am moving forward. [This is a pep talk to myself. Thanks for listening].

The photos from Surf City Half Marathon are in! You can see mine here. There are some really good ones! I think it's very unreasonable to charge so much for the photos as they do. It's really a bummer. I just want to download a few and I can't with out downloading all for $60. Bummer. Check them out if you want!

Gotta job jump on the laundry and take care of my little buckaroos. Here's too being consistent for 9 straight days.

Love, The Curvy Housewife


Today I booked a flight for us to Tennessee. I have not mentioned it yet because I hate getting ahead of myself [hate it cause I always do it]. But now since we are flying there it's getting pretty serious I suppose. :)

I am very excited about it. At first I was just in shock that somehow our plans to move to Morgan Hill ended so abruptly. I finally decided to TRUST GOD and realize He knows what He's doing! Then a few days later we got a call about this ministry.

I don't want to get too a head of myself, we all know I am really good at that. We have a peace about this ministry already. I know this is the 4th [Hawaii, Oregon, Ohio, now Tennessee] out of state trip we are taking to visit a church. God has allowed us to meet awesome people at every ministry. I really pray that this is it. We so desire to be in full time ministry. But if it isn't, God is teaching me that His will is worth waiting for.

What's one of the first things I thought of when I hear "Tennessee"? Well since I am so spiritual {sarcasm}, I thought, "I wonder if they have good races there! What about my half Ironman and marathon I am training for?". To put you all at ease, seems they have a fair amount of great races there. But now that I have learned more about the ministry there and prayed about it, I don't care if there are races (ok, well maybe a little). I would just really love to serve in this ministry and to be apart of the great work God is doing there.

Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I truly believe that verse. I believe that God has a better plan for our lives than we can think up in our own minds. We have to TRUST Him and believe He wants and knows whats best for us. I have no doubt that where ever the Lord has us in the future, that as long as we do His will, He will give us the things we desire to do.

Have you ever been to Tennessee?

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Monday, February 7, 2011

Surf City Half Marathon Finisher!!

I finished 13.1 miles. A H A L F M A R A T H O N. Whoo hoo! I think I can officially say I am a runner. It was a totally amazing experience. Besides my first triathlon at Avia Wildflower, this was the hardest race I've done, yet the most emotional and meaningful race. Here I am before the race.
Saturday night, after traffic, getting into hotel, eating dinner, then getting a shuttle ride to Disneyland, it was about 7:00 pm! We spend a few hours there, went on several rides, and the boys got to see Mickey. We got to sleep at 11:00 pm.

Sunday, we woke up at 4:30 am. I had oatmeal and bread for breakfast. We let the boys sleep, and put them in the car while they were sleeping. Left the hotel by 5:30 am, got to the race at 5:45 am. There were already SO many people there. We had to park at least 1.5 miles away from the start. I so wished I had my bike with us, because I had to walk to the start to get my packet from Sheila. We got to meet in person which was so nice! And my shirt fit perfectly. The parking lot was filling up so fast due to all the traffic and people piling in. So we parked instead of Davey dropping me off. Davey and the boys stayed in the car so the boys could keep sleeping.

Once I got my packet and shirt I went into the hotel across the street and used the bathroom, put on my shirt, knee braces, and timing tag. I stretched a little and wanted to wait for Davey to come to me so I didn't have to walk back to the car and back again before the race, but he was taking so long. He had to get the boys dressed, then give them some food, and pack the stroller. I got anxious and decided to walk to him. Bad idea. My hip started hurting right away. I was getting so nervous that it was going to bother me the whole run. It was quickly 7:30 and I hadn't even gotten to Davey yet, and I needed to stretch more. Finally we met up. I was stressing out because my wave was suppose to start at 8:09 am. We got back at 8:05 ish, and I found my group. I stretched my hip a lot. It started to fell better but still hurt. I was glad Davey and the boys could be with me until we started.

Soon we were off. I was excited and anxious and proud all at the same time. My playlist was awesome. Thank you all that gave me a song.Above I am pretending to run, as you can see there are so many people you could barley walk!
Above, finally running!

Mile 1-
I knew I was more than warm, but I didn't feel like it. I felt tired already. Familiar feeling for mile 1. My hip surprisingly didn't bother me at all while running.
Mile 2-
Feeling better and loved how everyone cheered when we hit the 2 mile marker. Had a comfortable pace, and ran beside a lady that had my same pace for a few miles.
Mile 3-
Walked for less than a minuet here while I drank some vita lyte (?not sure what it was?) Than took off again. Very happy with my 3 mile time 40:46.
Mile 4-
Up a nice steep hill. Ran part of it, then walked the rest. At the top there were Porta Potty's, with lines. These lines weren't as bad as some I saw around mile 2, so I stopped. Took about 5-7 minuets. After I was done, I got some crazy burst of energy and ran FAST (way faster than I normally run) to try to catch up to some of the people I was running with. I felt
I N C R E D I A B L E at this point.
Mile 5-
Was good, still feeling good. Trying to keep a steady pace.
Mile 6-
I kept looking for the 6 mile marker, but it never came. I was getting nervous that I was behind! Then came the 7 mile marker!
Mile 7-
I was so happy I was past half way. I texted Davey a photo of the mile marker and he said, "All down hill now!". He text me during the race how proud him and the boys were. It was amazing. I teared up here, and a few other times during the race. Just the thought that I was doing a half marathon made me teary.
I think it was mile 7 & 8 I got hit with what I call "Runners tummy" instead of "Runners Trots". Oh it hurt so bad. Thank God I had Tums.
Mile 8-
Still feeling good. Still running mostly. Walking sometimes when I got water, or if I felt I needed to walk for a minuet I'd tell myself to run to a certain point than walk. I hit mile 8 at 1:55 according to timing. But minus 6-7 mins for potty it was about 1:48. Very happy with that!

Mile 9-
Started to feel tired, but kept running as often as my body could.
Mile 10-
Happy to pass mile 10 since that is the furthest I have ever ran. At about 10.5 miles, I felt like I got hit with a truck. Everything hurt. My legs were cramping. I had to stop and stretch a few times from here to the finish. At this point I was running slower than I could walk because my legs hurt SO bad.
Mile 11-
I walked most of this mile. When I tried to run my hips, my knees, my thighs, all screamed with pain. I sped walked as fast I could.
Mile 12-
So glad this race was almost over! I wanted to be done and be with Shane on his 3rd birthday and get to Disneyland quick! I text Davey I was almost done and he said he was on the left side of the finish line. I started running slow, saving it to go all out at the finish.
Mile 13-
Sprinted across the finish line with my arms in the air! I wasn't trying to be dramatic, I was SO proud, and happy and amazed that I FINISHED. Davey got it on camera.After I got my medal Davey called out to me and I met him at the fence. He gave me a kiss through the fence and I started balling. I was so emotional. I am so thankful that the LORD helped me to do this. The He gave me the strength and determination and desire. He gave me legs to run on. He was there with me the whole time.

After the race I got some serious attack of the Runners Tummy. By now the boys and Davey were starving and wanted me to walk around the Expo to get free food. I had to walk very briskly to the restroom at the hotel though. Twice. Poor guys. My stomach hurt so bad I could barley walk. I went back and got them food. By the time we got to the car I knew I had already walked around 4 miles this morning just to and from the car, then 13.1 than at leas another 2 after the race. That's about 19 miles!

Once we got in the car, I told Davey I was seriously reconsidering the 1/2 Ironman and the full marathon. I was in so much pain and so tired I couldn't imagine doing any more! We talked about how it's hard on them too be out there so early with nothing to do for 3+ hours. Next time I need a better plan for them. A few minuets later I said, "Well, we know I'm probably going to do both anyways." Davey said, "Yeah, I know." Hehe :)
We headed to Disneyland. I iced my knees in the car, and we got Subway (Yum) for lunch. We spent the next 6 hours walking around Disneyland. My legs were killing me! Pain pain pain. My stomach hurt again too very much. At one point had to leave a line for a ride to run to the bathroom. It was all worth it though because the boys really enjoyed Disneyland and so did we.
We walked back to the shuttle around 8:30 pm. Finally left Anaheim at 9:00 pm. We were all so exhausted. Davey was tired and he was driving and I was stressing the whole time he was going to fall asleep. But praise GOD we made it home safe at 11:00 pm. When I got out of the car...... OH MY WORD. My legs were so stiff and tight and in pain. I was limping and could hardly walk inside. Today my legs hurt just as bad. Right behind my knees the tendons feel so tight. I can't barley stretch them either because they won't go straight! It's crazy. My whole body is in PAIN. But it was all worth it.
Thank you Jesus.

So with no intentions of walking, cleaning, or doing anything except sitting or laying, I'm signing off with this thought. You CAN DO ANYTHING YOU DREAM OF.

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Half Marathon
Runner Details Race Results
Bib: 18226
Name: Adrienne Osuna
Gender: F
Age: 25
Hometown: Lancaster, CA
Overall: 11883 out of 13256
Women: 7244 out of 8357
F 25-29: 1163 out of 1267
Age/Grade: 34.82% Place: 12230
Finish: 3:09:04 Pace: 14:26
Tag Time: 3:09:04
Gun Time: 3:47:22
Split Times
3 Mi: 40:46 Pace: 13:36
8.2 Mi: 1:55:05 Pace: 14:03

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The day before my first Half Marathon****

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yikes, yikes, yikes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

That's what is going on in my head right now. I am so nervous, and anxious and excited, and scared!

20,000 runners. Plus spectators. This race is going to be..
A M A Z I N G. I'm so glad I get to be a part of it. I printed a course map, and highlighted all the restrooms. Yes, I am that lame. I've had two babies and my bladder is not so good at holding it. But with 20,000, how will I get a chance to pee? These are things that worry me.

I just had two pieces of white toast with butter and cinnamon. All day I will be drinking a lot of water and eating white carbohydrates. I think I have a mild case of IBS and with added anxiety from pre-race jitters, not good for the tummy. I read eating white carbohydrates that have less fiber are easier on the stomach before a race. Also no dairy or caffeine. Oops, how did that hot cup of coffee get on my desk? Oh c'mon. I am a Mom of two crazy boys that woke me up at 7:00am this morning. must. have. coffee.

You know what's stressing me out the most? That I can't find my chapstick, and I don't think we have any sunblock. Oh and the fact that our plans changed last minuet because the husband had to go to Fresno for a tractor class for work from 8:00 am-12:00 pm. The Expo closes at 5:00 pm so I am unable to pick up my packet for the race. Again, silly race doesn't allow packet pick up on race day. I was going to have to drive 2.5 hours yesterday with the boys to get my packet, than 2.5 hours back.

Well thank God for Twitter. I've "met" several people doing the race on there. One lady named Sheila [who totally rocks all her races and places in age group, she's training for Half Ironman 70.3 Oceanside which is in April], and I have been friends on Twitter for a while. I asked her if she could pick up my packet for me. She said yes. I had to go to a friends early yesterday morning, use their scanner to print and scan the signed waiver, my ID and permission letter for her to get it. Whew. Thank God she got it for me. But I am anxious to have it in my hand. I have to meet her at 6:00 am race morning at her running club tent to get it from her.

I've got my outfit all picked out [shirt is the race shirt, Sheila got me a Large, hoping it is true to size]. I've got all my nutrition: Shot Bloks, Gatorade fuel, Gatorade recovery, power bar, gu, and sport beans. I finished my playlist. I downloaded several Christian ladies podcasts to entertain me as well.

Davey should be home at 3:00 pm which puts us at Disneyland at 5:oo pm. At least we get about 4 hours there tonight. But I need to eat plain pasta and rice for dinner then head to bed around 10:00 pm to get good rest.

Of course I still have much to do before we go, such as pack and prepare food! I'll be thinking of you all during my race. See you at the finish line!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 days until 13.1

This photo has nothing to do with todays post. But it's one of my favorite pieces my work and it makes me happy. :)

I am feeling better today. I've got mostly everything I need for the race. I'm just waiting on my compression socks I ordered from Amazon. They better really help since they cost 25 buckaroos. And those are cheap ones. The ones I really wanted were $60. Why? So? Expensive? Idaknow.

A knee brace for each knee, compression socks, insoles, good running shoes, fuel belt, race bib belt, iPod arm band, iPod, sun glasses, headphones, and headband. Oh and clothes. Don't want to forget those. Really really don't want to forget those. yikes, scary picture. Isn't that crazy how much you wear just to run?
Yay! UPS man just brought my socks. Fit great. Glad I went with the XL instead of L like the size chart recommended.

I was at Walmart getting a headband to wear for the race and I put three on the cart and said, "Shane, which one should I get?" He pointed to the pink one and said, "That ones gross mom." Hahaha! Oh boy. I really need a girl.

I'm trying to get my playlist together, what's your favorite song to run too? I need suggestions!

Love, The Curvy Housewife

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 days until 13.1

I woke up this morning sick. I knew it was going to happen because Davey started feeling sick yesterday. My throat, nose, body, ears, head= achy.

Monday I had a good half of the day. I ate Oatmeal for breakfast than my new favorite lunch: 3 slices turkey on Sara Lee Light Multi grain bread, onions, tomatoes, the thinest slivers of cheese, mustard, lettuce, salt and pepper [yum] with baked cheddar lays, and a big salad with lots on it topped with fat free Ceaser.
Then for no reason, I couldn't stop eating chocolate chips, then I had a series of VERY frustrating things happed, such as things not working, which made me bake. I made chili and corn bread and a big, warm, fluffy chocolate cake topping while hot with sweetened condensed milk, and melted frosting. Double yum.

So I was mad at myself [again] for the way I took out my emotions. Yesterday I weighed and was up 192! Oh no. I was not gonna have that. Yesterday I ate P E R F E C T. I also, hiked at the Poppy Reserve, walked at the dog park [those two we did as a family], than Davey and the boys dropped me off at the gym where I did a much needed Yoga class, and kicked my own butt in Cycle class. Really pushed myself. I couldn't get a hold of Davey when I was done [he was on the phone with a pastor] so I did 30 minuets of Body Sculpt too (didn't do any legs, can't be sore for Sunday!). So glad Davey made dinner last night, curry chicken, rice, and veggies. YUM! That man can cook.
Happy that after a day like yesterday, I got on scale this morning and back to 189. Yay. Now to finally break that dang number. It's too close to the 190's.

Today I've cleaned all morning and afternoon so far. Finally took a break for lunch at 2pm, and Davey just took the boys to the park. I am snuggled up, watching re-runs of Biggest Loser, with blankies, pillows, heater on and portable heater right next to me, tea and popcorn. I am set.
I'll have a better post tomorrow on details for the weekend.

What do you do to help get rid of a cold quick?

Love, The Curvy Housewife